The name might come a bit unhandy, but with 'Pick a design, Make your Swatch!' the Swiss watchmaker Swatch wants to take its customization concept 'Swatch X You' to a higher level-and might have indeed created the technology for a customization tool that could work as an inspiration for apparel and footwear brands as well.

Available online on and in selected Swatch stores, customers are offered several patterns for designing their own individual watch. These patterns-from flower power to the animal kingdom, graffiti motives to wild comics and crazy contrasts to smooth shapes-work like a canvas: with the help of a dedicated configurator the customer is walked through the creation process by first picking a design and then moving the artwork over a blank watch, to the left, right, up or down until he finds his preferred cut-out, which of course leaves room for endless options. On top he can pick a color for the watch mechanism and finish with a special touch by adding a short message on the backside of the case.

Further patterns and motives might be added in the future to offer even more design options.

Nove25 lookbook

Label to watch

Nove25 - urban silver jewelry from Italy

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Andrea Rosso


Andrea Rosso: “Watches are among the top 5 product categories for Diesel”

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