Last May, Denim PV launched Smart Talks, a series of conversations to analyze the tech innovations around responsible creation and production in the denim industry, as well as how to successfully market these standards to either brands or final consumers.
The starting point of the talks was a study carried out among Denim PV exhibitors that shed light into the status quo of sourcing, production and sustainable practices across the whole denim supply chain. Key findings of the study in this field were:

Raw material sourcing
  • 90% of exhibitors have at least one supplier in Europe, 71% of them in Italy, Turkey comes second (68% of answers) followed by China, Spain, Germany and France
  • A large majority of exhibitors do control the origins of materials, 93% of them being totally or at least partly traceable.

Production processes
  • 86% of the companies’ production units are based in Europe and Turkey, the rest being in Asia (50% have at least one production unit in Turkey and 36% have at least one production unit in Europe).
  • 93% of the exhibitors’ production processes are totally or partly transparent and traceable.

Environmental values
  • 75% of the companies declare to have in-house initiatives to manage energies: photo-voltaic systems, in-house energy production units or windmills.
  • 75% of exhibitors have set up initiatives, mainly private ones, to improve water saving: recycling old waters thanks to in-house treatment plants, re-using rain water.
  • 90% of exhibitors declared they have specific policies to reduce the use of chemicals: replacing chemical use by laser or other technologies; working with certified responsible suppliers; following strict national laws such as European ones.
Check out the recap video below to get a closer look at the initiative.