This spring, a new look for men is emerging on the horizon: a revived gentleman who wisely mixes traditional tailoring elements with more relaxed pieces such as print t-shirts, oversized sweaters, sports socks, white sneakers or even Teva sandals. In this context, the key to create this look are pleated pants.

Brands are reinventing the classic product by adding elements such as ribbed cuffs or a drawstring waistband. Soft touch woven-, jersey- and cotton fabrics are the favorite materials, while nothing is set in stone regarding silhouettes: the offerings range from skinny and slim fits to wide leg trousers. Brioni conceives men wearing pleated trousers combined with polo-like shirts featuring sportive sleeve trimmings and collars. Sometimes a pair of sneakers are the main distinction of this “sporty gentleman” look, perfect to underline its casual nature.

What makes this look so appealing is the fact that it nurtures from sporty and sartorial elements. Usually limited to office-wear, pleated pants now present themselves in an innovative way that allows including them as a leisure-wear basic.