Not sexy but cool: Corduroy has made a comeback in the world of fashion and is amongst the top trends for fall/winter 2017.

The durable fabric mainly was used for men’s work clothes throughout the centuries, became a symbol of anti-establishment in the late ‘60s (in form of neutrally colored pants, dresses and suits) and experienced an explosion of patterns and colors in the ’70s.

Photo: E. Tautz
Photo: Zara
Photo: BDG

Since then, we have mainly seen the fabric on our geography teacher from back in the days, wearing beige corduroy pants, Birkenstocks with woolen socks and navy turtleneck sweaters. But now, the vintage textile is made contemporary again: Used for pants, coats, tops and matching sets, it comes in bold colors, is mixed with other materials and worn in oversized silhouettes as well as sharp cuts and styled with as many shining accessories as wanted.

While Marc Jacobs dedicated his f/w 2017-18 show to a selection of oversized corduroy jackets in autumnal shades, Mulberry set focus on caramel corduroy midi skirts combined with oversized jumpers.

Photo: Goldsign
Photo: Native Youth
Photo: Native Youth

But if the revival of the velvety textile seen on catwalks hasn’t convinced you yet, you should have a look at the Swedish brand The Cords & Co. Brought to life by Mikael Söderlindh, the charismatic founder of the Happy Socks brand, The Cords & Co. was launched earlier this year and delivers a full men’s and women’s collection, solely made out of the plushy textile in numerous different executions. The Swedish brand aims to revolutionize corduroy with its collection and own retail concepts and officially brings back the velvety textile to the streets.

As a winter alternative to denim, corduroy is perfect for layering and injecting some freshness into the cooler months’ wardrobe.

Photo: Wrangler

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