Already Coco Chanel knew that knees aren’t really a particularly pretty part of anyone’s body (even the very flawless ones). However, in fashion’s inexorable expansion of cut-outs in novel (and often strange) spots of your body (think “underboobs”, exposed hip bones, side butt cheeks etc.) there seem to be no limits.

Noisy May's SS17 campaign
Photo: Noisy May
Noisy May's SS17 campaign

If last year was the year of busted and ripped knee denims, 2017 takes the destruction even further: Jeans get so torn apart around the knees that they can hardly be regarded as serious long trousers, but rather look like cut-off denim shorts combined with some fabric tube hugging the calves.

We’re really not sure about the leg-exposing “busted knees 2.0.” look, but Gigi is doing it and Beyoncé is doing it and if that is not an indication for a trend these days then we don’t know what is.

The super ripped denims come in boyfriend or skinny fits and are mostly paired with high-heels by their celebrity fans to balance their hobo aesthetics.

Aussie label Oneteaspoon is a strong supplier (and also where Gigi Hadid got her tattered pair from) and one might also find similar styles with the Los Angeles group of denim labels - or simply cut out a generous “window” into an old pair of jeans.

One Teaspoon
One Teaspoon

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