M&J Group’s factory is prized for excellence and becomes role model for Bangladeshi garment industry

Genesis Fashions Ltd, a factory of M&J Group, Bangladeshi world leader in the garment making industry, has received the certification of Registered Training Organization by the Bangladeshi Government and the International Labor Organization (ILO) as part of the Ready-Made Garment Center of Excellence project (COE).

This project is designed to establish a replicable model of an industry-driven training and support services by the Centre of Excellence for the garment manufacturing sector in Bangladesh. The project, financed by Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and fashion retail chain H&M, is based on the principle that with an industry-based training focus, the initiative can effectively increase employability and drive higher incomes for the working poor. The project delivers training and certification for instructors, industry trainers and assessors as well as briefings for managers and executives of enterprises.  

The garment making industry represents the backbone of Bangladesh’s economy. According to BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association), the garment making industry holds a share of 82% of the total national export, which accounts for 20% of Bangladesh’s GDP and registers a yearly turnover that exceeds USD 28 million. In this panorama, more than 4 million people are employed in garment manufacturing and 90% of them are women.


The Bangladeshi industry is constantly facing difficulties because it is often shaken by fatal events, such a recent fire which happened on 10 October 2016 killing 15 and injuring 70 people in a factory. For this, the certification of Genesis Fashions Ltd is making M&J Group a role model for the entire productive system of Bangladesh and Asia.