e-pitti.com, the digital version of some of the trade shows organized by Pitti Immagine, has closed its summer edition registering +36% more visits than in 2013. Since July 2014 the digital platform had hosted Pitti Uomo 86, Pitti W 14, Pitti Bimbo 79 and Pitti Filati 75 editions and all were recently closed successfully.

“The last summer edition of e-pitti.com closed with a 36% growth of visits compared to 2013 and 300,000 page views just on the reserved area,” commented Francesco Bottigliero, CEO, FieraDigitale, who devised the project and launched it with Pitti Immagine in 2011. “We are nothing but satisfied with the results. This is the outcome of the work done in collaboration with Pitti in promoting the exhibitors within the platform and a studied editorial plan to offer users new content throughout the entire period of the online fairs.”

Over 1,350 brands from the men’s, women’s, children’s and yarn fairs have joined the project, and more than 8,300 products were displayed in the online stands. The buyers of e-pitti.com come from all around the globe, though in addition to Italy, especially Japan, Germany, and South Korea are on top of the international list. All in all, buyers navigate more and longer compared to the previous edition: every visit consisted of an average of 24 page views between brand content, collections and products.

In June e-pitti.com also enhanced its users’ browsing experience. Thanks to the new platform’s upgrade users can easily visit it both via computer and any mobile device. Booths, for instance, can be visited virtually thanks to a selection of shots that transport the mood of the physical trade show into the online fair.

These innovations are not limited to certified users of Pitti Immagine (those able to access the site’s reserved area), but target all the visitors of the platform who can now find always updated editorial content, even once the digital fairs have closed. The platform has also launched a new tool “Fairplay”, an online magazine of e-pitti.com presenting weekly fashion, trends, style and technology news online.