Japanese designer Yoshio Kubo joins forces with global multi-brand retailer Opening Ceremony for his first genderless collection ever. The Five Rings Travel collection is characterized by graphic influences drawn from the Olympic Spirit of diversity. Inspired by Opening Ceremony’s own Olympic concept - focusing on one Olympic city each season - Yoshio Kubo’s line debuts with sportive clothes that give a nod to Calgary in 1988. The game, as inspirational source, lends Canada`s iconic maple leaves, aurora patterns and prints of Calgary's skyline to Kubo's typical blend of contrasting fabrics.
The 30-piece collection mainly consists of sporty tracksuits, unisex pleated skirts and wide-leg pants featuring dark earthy tones like forest green with easy-to-wear stretch waists and oversized silhouettes for a unique gender-neutral look. Retail prices range from 9,900 JPY (74 EUR) for T-shirts, 26,000 JPY (194 EUR) for pleated pants to 64,000 JPY (478 EUR) for the quilting coats. The items are available in all Opening Ceremony shops throughout Japan and from our side Kubo deserves gold for this exclusive line.