Interview by Melanie Gropler

The perfect denim shape for women - that is the aim of Wrangler’s new collection “Body Bespoke”, a collection of custom-made jeans for all clothing sizes. The jeans are individually tailored to the shape and size beyond sample sizes. That also means that pockets and seams are no longer limited to the standard size 28/30, but are also individually tailored. Here Janelle Hanna, Women’s Bottoms Designer, Wrangler talks about trends and the typical Wrangler women.

What trends can we expect for winter 16/17 in the women’s collection? (Washing/colours/cuts)?
For W16 the 70’s revival continues. The Wrangler brand was a huge part of that era and our latest collection features lots of inspiration from our archive, from flared silhouettes to patch pocket details and floral embroideries. Our new wide leg flare and our vintage look selvage for women are must have pieces. We also have some great prints and novelty textures besides every denim wash you could wish for!

Wrangler stands for men´s jeans - what service does Wrangler have to offer to include women as a customer and gain market share in womenswear?
If you believe that then our women’s collection will surprise you! It has its own identity, full of embellishments, feminine fabrics, fashion led shapes but always linking back to our beloved denim.Our jeans are first designed to look great but because we are Wrangler we also have some extra ingredients that ensure they outperform our competitors…Shape ready jeans that don’t bag out. Active ready jeans that have amazing stretch in all directions. And Body Bespoke our stunning fit platform.

How does the “Wrangler-woman” look like (regarding denim & fashion)? Sexy, cool, casual etc.?
The Wrangler woman is a jeans lover. She wears jeans almost every day and feels most comfortable when she’s in her favourite pair. She has a confident but casual style, a modern Jane Birkin, always looking cool but not slavishly following trends.

What are the biggest challenges in denim-design at the moment?
Right now the biggest challenges are in cleaning up our act and thankfully it’s also the biggest area of innovation. The dyeing of jeans and the current trend for pre-faded looks have an environmental cost. Thanks to huge research and investment in alternative dyeing and more eco-friendly washing for example Ozone + lazer, the solution is already well on its way and we can look forward to a greener (blue) future.