Woolmark  has just opened a Wool Resource Centre in Hong Kong. Located in Kowloon Tower Landmark East building, the new multi-functional space is a global hub allowing visitors to discover wool’s properties and versatility while presenting new opportunities for Hong Kong’s textile industry.

Designed to showcase a vast selection of creative uses for Australian Merino wool, the Wool Resource Centre makes market intelligence, technical innovations and sourcing information available to woolgrowers, spinners, knitters, retailers, designers, students and garment makers. As part of Woolmark interactive program, they will also host seminars and training workshops.

Given Hong Kong’s long history in the sourcing of Australian wool, the city was an obvious location for the Wool Resource Centre. Since the 1950s, textiles and garments have dominated Hong Kong’s exports and in 2015 the textile industry accounted for almost four per cent of the local manufacturing workforce. Many global brands travel to Hong Kong for procuring materials and the city is also a key manufacturing hub for spinners and knitters.

“The Wool Resource Centre in Hong Kong is a multi-functional space dedicated to product and process innovation to be used by all our partners throughout the supply chain,” says Stuart McCullough, managing director, The Woolmark Company. “Woolgrowers can use the centre for industry presentations; supply chain partners can showcase their product or host a launch and designers can find inspiration. This hub also connects the Hong Kong office of The Woolmark Company with global players in the wool industry, acting as a permanent trade space with the aim to assist visitors in improving business relationships and commercial outcomes.”

The Wool Resource Centre includes a library, a showroom and an events space for visitors to develop and enhance their knowledge about wool. There are six separate zones including open-plan workspaces, a meeting room and an auditorium.

The hub is a highly contemporary space designed by Hassell Studio and meant to host many different types of events.