Danish fashion brand Vero Moda is to launch a new brand named Noisy May, which will be available in March 2013 in Vero Moda stores all over Europe. Noisy May will be an unconventional, jeans-based, fast-fashion, high street brand. It will offer authentic, raw, cutting-edge jeans, knits, jackets, tops and sweatshirts.

Bestseller Retail Director comments: “Vero Moda has a strong DNA, which we are not going to touch, but by introducing NOISY MAY we will be able to cater to a slightly younger audience and aim to attract new customers. Furthermore, we believe in constantly renewing our business and adding different edges and experiences to it. We strongly believe in the return of jeans to fashion, and with Noisy May we are presenting a jeans-based brand with the ability to incorporate minor trends at a fast-fashion pace.”

A combination of vibrant prints and colours, alongside details inspired by rich, lush jungles, as well as contrasts of rough black diamonds carved out and brought into the light characterize the collection according to the brand.

International Product Manager Birgitte Søe illustrates: “We are all denim lovers and fashion addicts; denim runs in our veins, and fashion is in our hearts, and we design close to trend. Noisy May will appeal to the more edgy fashionista. The look and feel is very unlike that of Vero Moda, and will guarantee the right mix between Vero Moda’s femininity and the rawness of Noisy May. Having this mix will enrich our customers’ shopping experience at Vero Moda.”