Kingpins Show is reorganizing its presence in the Asian denim market by repositioning its Kingpins Hong Kong show and launching its Kingpins China City Tour.

Kingpins Hong Kong, which used to take place bi-annually in March and August, will now run once a year in spring, following Kingpins Amsterdam and Kingpins New York. 

Kingpins Hong Kong 2016 ran May 24/25 at Innocentre in Kowloon with 35 denim resources, including Cone Denim, Prosperity Textile, Invista, Canatiba Denim Industry, Orta, Advance Denim, Deyao Textile, Calik Denim and Bluconnection Pte Ltd. In place of its second 2016 Hong Kong show, Kingpins will offer a new multi-city show concept –Kingpins China City Tour– in September.

“The Asian denim market has been a big focus for Kingpins for several years,” said Vivian Wang, Kingpins’ managing director. “Our ultimate goal is to launch a Kingpins China show, but before we do that we need to really know and understand the denim market in China. The China City Tour is our way to meet our Chinese customers face-to-face, to understand what they need and how Kingpins can not only address those needs but help to elevate and evolve the denim industry there.” 

The China City Tour will kick off September 19 in Guangzhou before traveling to Hangzhou on September 21 and culminating in Zhengzhou on September 23. Kingpins estimates that, in total, the three stops on the China City Tour are home to approximately 800 brands and jeans manufacturers.

“We selected these cities because they represent the different facets of the Chinese denim and garment industry,” Wang said. Guangzhou is China’s premiere “Denim City” - it is where China’s jeans industry thrives. Hangzhou is a city with a focus on manufacturing women’s sportswear, a hub of denim potential and interest. Just 45-minutes by train from Shanghai, it is also an ideal location to touch base with established and emerging denim brands. Finally, Zhengzhou as a city with many wholesalers and small brands, has high demand for denim but limited denim sourcing options.

The China City Tour format will be similar to other Kingpins events in that it will feature: an invitation-only guest list; a curated selection of denim resources; educational and trend seminars; networking opportunities; and a high level of service for guests and exhibitors. Eventually, the China City Tour will host multiple tours per year to various manufacturing cities throughout China.

Kingpins Hong Kong will return to Innocentre in May 2017.