The specialized fabric show Texworld, held in Le Bourget, Paris, from 6 until 9 February 2017, is betting strong on denim. Texworld – out of its total 760 exhibitors - hosted about 60 companies specialized in the indigo blue cloth fabric for this edition, and they aim to increase their focus on this market. They announced that for the September 2017 edition they will launch a very innovative concept event focusing on the jeans and denim industry. They expect to host at least about 100 exhibitors.

For this edition many participants felt that they worked with different rhythms from day to day. Muhammad Naveed, Soorty, explained: “It feels the first day was a bit slower than in the last season’s edition. Though as Premiere Vision is starting on Tuesday – one day after Texworld - it might bring more traffic also to Texworld.” Similarly Agha Dastageer, Kassim, explained: “It could be busier, we hope for more customers to come.”

Inside the trend area

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Ali Abdullahm, Diamond Denim, had a different opinion. “The first day was busier, while during the second one there was less affluence. This third one looks better.” Vincenzo Verdura, Siddiqson, was happy about the show: “We saw many customers from jeans brands and chain stores during these days.”

According to exhibitors three main trends continue to dominate the market: stretch and bi-stretch qualities, vintage and second-hand looks, and – most widespread - sustainable products that employ less or zero water, less or no chemicals, but also alternative fibers. Siddiqson developed its Technogreen selection of fabrics employing recycled polyester and recycled cotton. They also offer fabrics made with bamboo fibers, Crailar, a flax fiber. Also new is a fabric employing Jutacell, a fiber developed by Invista, obtained by employing leftovers from linen fiber manufacturing that would rather be thrown away.

Soorty launched new sustainable products such as Zero Water Blue and Herbal Blue as they see definitely a rising demand from their customers for sustainable products.

Kassim considers stretch a big topic, together with greater demand for stretch qualities for men’s jeans. Foison concentrates on new products that feature second hand looks, though added with stretch for a comfortable fit.

Bi-stretch fabric by Kassim
Photo: SI team
Bi-stretch fabric by Kassim

Also new for this edition was the reorganization of the Avantex area as they introduced a new method for categorizing exhibitors according to four professional sectors – Materials & Components, Prototype Studio, Clothing and Accessories and Smart Retail.

As part of the Clothing and Accessories selection, the prestigious Austrian lingerie specialist Wolford launched a few prototypes of a newly developed lingerie selection made with materials that can be 100% recycled. A first capsule collection will be launched for s/s 2019. The Smart Retail part hosted To & Guy, a line of clothes projected by a 3-D software. Also innovative is Taiwanese Green Defence technology that adds antibacterial properties to polyester and polyester-cotton fabrics by embedding special natural extracts from cinnamon and almonds into yarns. Neophoria offers leather bags that can recharge portable devices and Mysprezz is a new app that provides consumers with styling suggestions of new trendy outfits while directing them to the e-commerce website they can buy them from.

As part of the potential business that the Avantex section represents for the market, the show’s organization has also organized various fashion shows and round tables. Among them there was the fashion show “Habit de Lumiere” presenting 20 outfits designed by French couturiers made in partnership with the exhibitors of Avantex and completed by small portable lighting systems.

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