Denimsandjeans Bangladesh Expo ended in the capital on Thursday advising denim makers to improve the quality of their products using modern technologies along with latest trends to attract global buyers.


Denimsandjeans Bangladesh Expo
Photo: SI
Denimsandjeans Bangladesh Expo

Exhibitors as well as buyers expressed their satisfactions over the expo, saying that it will help creating a platform for denim stakeholders and will make Bangladesh as a one stop sourcing platform for denim industry.


They, however, urged the Bangladesh government to reconsider the decision on gas price hike for the interest of exporting and achieving self-reliance of local industries particularly in apparel and textile sector.


The appeal came against the backdrop of government’s recent announcement of gas prices hike on an average by 22.7 per cent and for the industrial sector by 15 per cent in two phases. 


“The government will have to ensure infrastructure facilities along with utility services including power and gas for improving export competiveness in the global market,” Abdus Salam Murshedy, managing director of Envoy Group, told the  SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL while relying to a query.


The group is a diversified conglomerate with primary focus on ready-made garments and textile manufacturing. It represents 40 business enterprises and has an annual turnover of US$ $400 million with a workforce of approximately 21,000.


 “We’re now facing strong competition due to overvalued local currency, Bangladesh Taka (BDT), against the US dollar and non-adjustment of fuel-oil prices with the international market,” Mr. Murshedy, also president of the Exporters Association of Bangladesh, explained.


He also said: “The denim is now a fashion. So the quality of denim products will have to be improved for attracting the global buyers.”

Talking to the SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL, Stefuno Cortesi, Europe Sales of India-based Bhaskar Industries, said lower prices of Bangladeshi products are helping attract the global buyers.


Bangladeshi entrepreneurs supply denim to major retailers and brands, including H&M, Uniqlo, Levis, Nike, Tesco, Wrangler, s.Oliver, Hugo Boss, Puma, Primark, JC Penney, C&A, Tommy Hilfiger, Inditex, Walmart, M&S, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Gap, Channel and Dior and G-Star.


Putting emphasise on latest trends, Abdelkader Amouche, regional manager (Asia) of Brazil-based Vicunha, said to have knowledge on latest trends is very important to expand business. “We may update our knowledge about latest treads by exchange of views through such expositions.”


Denimsandjeans Bangladesh Expo
Photo: SI
Denimsandjeans Bangladesh Expo

Echoing Abdelkader, Arvind Pandey, president of Ultra Denim, said the expo is a platform to share views and knowledge about denim products and trends. Mr. Pandey also sees that Bangladesh’s denim sub-sector is growing rapidly.   

“We’ve received very good response from the global brands and retailers as they think Bangladesh is a nice place to source denim at reasonable prices and will lead the global denim industry very soon,” Sandeep Agarwal, Founder of, said., a website dedicated to the world denim industry since 2007, organised the show aiming to expand the footprint of denim and denim products made in Bangladesh.


 “Our motive is to showcase the potential of Bangladeshi Apparel and Textile Industry to the world by organizing such events,” Mr. Agarwal explained. 

About 28 companies from countries including Bangladesh, Turkey, India, China, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Pakistan took part in the exhibition to showcase their denim collections, new technologies, innovations and accessories.

The expo with a new theme –‘Denim Mashup’– focused the latest trend in denim where embellishments, embroideries, sequins, patches, paint etc are used in different combinations to produce visually exaggerated hi fashion denims.