Kingpins24 Amsterdam’s newly announced concept (also read here) is ready to start. The livestream edition of the event will take place from October 27 to October 30, from 10am CET to around 1pm CET and will host a vast series of roundtables, interviews, talks and trend forecast seminars. Presenting novelties for s/s 2022 from more than 40 key denim insiders, companies and players the event will happen for four days, each of which will focus on a different theme.

Tuesday, October 27 will be Kingpins Inspiration Day, which will kick off as a paid event with the one-hour film presentation of the s/s 2022 Kingpins Trend forecast by Denim Dudes. It will be followed by archive tours, designer interviews and a selection of videos and conversations designed to inspire and inform.

The day will explain cultural shifts are affecting how designers and brands will approach future design, why designers are shifting to vintage and resale, and what the jeans of the future will be like.

The protagonists of the day will be, in addition to Kingpins’s Andrew Olah and Vivian Wang, Maurizio Donadi, Sue Barrett’s Nostalgia Project disclosing key denim insiders’ memories of their most beloved jeans, Tonello, The Vintage Showroom and other hot topics.


Wednesday, October 28 will be the Innovation Day that will feature designers, mills and industry experts exploring various facets of innovation in the denim supply chain. Topics will span from aspirational chemistry and blockchain to the latest in fiber technology, discussions about transparency, circular denim and how vertical production works in Vietnam.

Attendees will be able to learn what blockchain is and what it has to do with denim, the value of collaboration in action, protective treatments in the time of Covid and what's new for circular denim.

Participants on the (virtual) stage will be Kipas Denim and Raymond Uco Denim, Artistic Milliners, Rudolf Group, Orta, The Lycra Company, Vicunha, Wiser Globe, Crescent Bahumann and Arsal Kassim’s Denim Prive.

This October Kingpins' visitors will meet virtually again
Photo: Kingpins
This October Kingpins' visitors will meet virtually again
On Thursday, October 29, Fiber & Raw Materials Day, speakers will explore the building blocks of the denim supply chain and what is moving and shaping the resources for future collections describing what’s new in terms of environmental aspects and consumer attitudes.

Among novelties that will be disclosed there is a push for new industry standards when it comes to circular denim, how some mills are turning climate commitment into action, the rise of fibers that address carbon pollution, circularity and more.

Kipas, House of Denim, AGI Denim, Artistic Milliners, Tencel, Artistic Denim Mills, Naveena Denim Mills, NDL, Bossa and The Lycra Company will be featured.
In addition, Cone Denim has organized a panel disclosing novelties about traceability in cotton as explained by Steve Maggard, Ben Tomkins and Bruce Atherley. Sabine Kühnl, editor-in-chief, SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL, will moderate the talk.


Friday, October 30 will be People and Social Responsibility Day as insiders of the denim supply chain are key to the health of the jeans industry. On this day they will focus on the human side of the denim industry hosting panels and conversations around ethical behavior, gender equity and empowering workers. The day will help learning efforts being made in the fields of gender and economic equity, supporting women in the denim industry, the intersection of environmental with social responsibility and responsible denim.

Raymond Uco Denim, a roundtable on sustainable production legislation, Naveena Denim, Diamond Denim, Artistic Milliners, PVH, Hyosung, RSN and Crescent Bahuman will be at the center of the stage.