The second day of the "Share & Shake" - a series of denim workshops, happening during Denim Première Vision in Paris and organized by the denim trade show together with SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL - started with a session on "Smart creations" and Giusy Bettoni, textile professional and Première Vision’s consultant in sustainable innovation for textiles, fashion and design.

Here's a roundup of the most memorable quotes on Bettoni's views on smart textiles:

Maria Cristina Pavarini (L) and Giusy Bettoni
Photo: SI
Maria Cristina Pavarini (L) and Giusy Bettoni

"There are four factors that define the meaning of smart textiles: first of all they need to be beautiful because design is the essence of our business, if clothes don't look nice, no one will buy them; then it's obviously about innovation-the textile needs to have a new feature; furthermore it's about responsibility-today consumers want to know about the source of apparel, how it is made and what it will go; and last but not least there is a cultural aspect in the forthcoming of technology."

"Fortunately, all of the mills that I see here at Denim PV look for solutions regarding smart and intelligent fabrics-they don't see it as a problem but rather as an opportunity to sell better with new values. And it has really come a long way-remember that years ago we moved from only organic cotton to all these new areas that bring an added value." 

"Smart textiles always interact with the wearer, and of course in a good way, in a way the wearer has a benefit, take for example qualities that are extremely soft and pamper the well-being of a person."

"I hate to use the word certification. Because it confuses people: how do you get one, which ones are prestigious, how much does it cost... take certification much simpler instead: just guarantee that what you say about your product is true."

"In a recent study consumers voted for Levi's and H&M among the best brands in terms of sustainability, and Chanel and Hermès among the worst. What do learn from that? Well, mainly that the latter don't bring their message through to the consumer. It's all about communication."

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"It's about the story making and the story telling: As a mill, talk to your customers, your brands about everything you do in terms of smart textiles and sustainability. It makes it 50% more likely that the consumer will get to know about it as well. There are companies that recycle 100% of their waste but they don't mention it. That's wrong -talk about it! And talk about it in a way that people understand."

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