The Berlin trade shows are about to start and again there has been a lot of buzz in advance. We talked to Jörg Wichmann, head of Panorama Berlin, about the actual news around his event. 


In a nutshell: what changes can exhibitors/visitors expect at the upcoming edition of Panorama Berlin and Selvedge Run?

Following the success of the January edition, there will be even more of a focus on our core topics of infotainment, entertainment and matchmaking at the current event. In Halls 1 to 4 there will be concept stores providing a whole host of inspiration on 200 to 400 q. meters. Here we’ll be presenting an exciting mix of brands and products from the sectors of beauty, fashion, interior, food and lifestyle. At the end of the day it all comes down to increasing the experience at the POS. Depending on the hall concept, in the stores we’ll be showing products that the customers like to surround and identify with. We have extended the open air area and created space for lounge areas, food and bbq stations and live music on the forecourt of the South entrance. On both the 2nd and 3rd July, we are inviting guests to our after-show party to round off the day in a relaxed atmosphere. To add to the cool summer vibe, we will have live music by the popular German rap scene lined up, as well as Berlin DJs.

At Selvedge Run & Zeitgeist we are showing the strongest selection of premium-quality denim brands in Berlin, all of which attach great importance to quality when it comes to production, materials, craftsmanship and ecological and social standards. And the market-relevant themes of Quality, Craft, Heritage, Active, Sport, Urban Outdoor and Sustainability will also be further reinforced here.

And the sustainable concept of Xoom has also been updated in Hall 5. In the middle of the space there will be a curated concept store. Here we’ll be showing how ethical brands, both fashion and non-fashion, can be presented at the POS in an inspiring way.

One brand-new theme is that of Hall 6, the Berlin Fashion & Food Market. The focus here is on the boom of preloved fashion and reseller segments. There’s a lot of potential behind that. For retailers this offers a brand new opportunity to incorporate this trend onto the shop floor in an exciting way and therefore present the consumers with unique fashion pieces, in an exciting mix with current product assortments.


After the last editions there was a lot of buzz about an eventual move to Tempelhof Airport-what’s the status quo?

We’re in negotiations and will let you know when there’s news to report.


News had it that even a kind of collaboration with Premium Exhibitions could be a topic. Why did this not happen so far? And do you see a chance in the future?

See my answer to the prior question.


Related to Tempelhof: there were even rumors about Panorama Berlin hooking up with Karl-Heinz Müller’s recent trade show plans. Please comment.

We are in touch.


“It’s the end of trade shows as we know them”; some people even speak of the agony of trade shows. What’s your reply?

In January, we showed that Panorama Berlin has developed into an industry event with strong content and we were also able to set an all-time visitor record. And we’re also expecting high visitor numbers for the coming event. At no other time in the season do so many key and competent players from the industry meet up as at our event.  As a retailer, especially during the difficult times, I have to find new approaches to address consumers more holistically, exchange ideas with my retail colleagues and the industry and also find out where the right future topics are being discussed and shown. Visitors to our event will find a good mix of strong brands and innovative newcomers that are proving very popular with consumers. It’s the mix of both that is the recipe to success. 

Retailers have to ask themselves the question of which trade show offers the right solutions and then ensure they make use of everything that is being offered to them at that event. Like our top speakers in the Retail Solutions hall: we are calling it “brainfood to go.” In highly entertaining talks on all three days there will be lots of inspiration and food for thought on topics currently concerning the retail trade.

Seasons have ben replaced by short-term drops, more and more direct-to-consumer brands pop up, consumers are used to here-and-now business and the resell/pre-oved segment booms. In the bigger picture: how do fashion trade shows need to adapt to these changes?

We’re responding to this trend in a big way, such as in Hall 6–the Berlin Fashion & Food Market. Ever since the early days of Panorama Berlin, we have understood ourselves as a driver of innovation and always view our event from a consumer perspective. Preloved fashion and reseller pop-up spaces are the new trend. When a sneaker event takes place, consumers are willing to travel hundreds of miles to get their hands on the right sneakers and these days a young clientele is browsing the diverse offer of unique pieces, which they then combine with new items to make their own individual fashion statement. In Hall 6 we want to therefore draw attention to the trend for resellers and preloved fashion–and the huge potential behind them. With pop-up events, vintage drop-offs and other such concepts and cooperations, we want to act as a matchmaker between the suppliers and help them enter into an active dialogue. We will be presenting the first exhibitors at the upcoming event and then further developing the portfolio in the future.


What is the USP of a trade show today?



On a rather personal note: what complaints about trade shows are you fed up with?

I don’t get fed up by complaints; I just deal with them all in a constructive manner.

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