After the April edition Kingpins has just announced to cancel also the October event in Amsterdam originally scheduled 28 & 29 October, 2020. Due to "a lack of confidence in health control" and not to risk the health of any of the denim community members the team around Kingpins founder Andrew Olah finally decided to call the trade show off.

"The Netherlands is allowing events–albeit with restrictions. We have a venue with plenty of space. And we have experienced and creative partners to help with the show's logistics. But COVID-19 is not a local problem to resolve. It's global. And it's not going away, at least not yet, regardless of the laws," Olah says in an official statement.

He continues: "We could hold a show in Amsterdam and hope to draw a mix of exhibitors and attendees from much of Europe, but should we ask everyone to come? Do people really want to fly? Do they really want to stay in hotels and enter public places? [...] That is why our answer to the Amsterdam show in October is, sadly, no."

At the same time Olah points to the digital activities on which Kingpins wants to continue to focus. So far in 2020, two editions of Kingpins24 as virtual events for the denim industry have taken place followed by Kingpins' collaboration with database Material Exchange to create a digital denim supply chain platform.

Due to the pandemic Kingpins had cancelled all its physical events scheduled for 2020 so far–apart from Amsterdam in April also Hong Kong in May and New York in June. The cancellation of Kingpins Amsterdam in October and Olah's overall message in his very personal comment might indicate that the Kingpins editions scheduled later this year in China (September) and New York (November) will not take place either, although not explicitly addressed in his statement.