Stay tuned for the next big blue gathering that will take place in Amsterdam from October 22 through 27. Many events will occur and involve leading insiders, enthusiasts, buyers and fans from the denim world.

The city will host various happenings including the specialized denim trade show Kingpins Amsterdam (October 23-24) along with a vast series of–for the first time–free entrance events open to the public organized by Amsterdam Denim Days on October 25 and 26, and other happenings set for October 22 and 27. So that you don't lose track, we put together the most important events for you.

Tuesday, October 22

Kingpins Transformers: Catalysts

Address: Circl, Gustav Mahlerplein 1B
Time: 9.30AM - 3PM

The bi-annual conference focusing on the social, environmental and economic challenges facing the denim industry, will spotlight members of the denim supply chain focused on redefining the rules for the future. Makers of new fibers, new pigments, clever chemicals, new brands with sustainability baked into their DNA and more will discuss their strategies for igniting change.


Speakers: Edvard Hall, Bioextrax; Jane Palmer, Nature Coatings; Christian Schimper, Acticell; Michelle Zu, Tinctorium; Jordan Nodarse, Boyish; Dion Vijigeboom, Mud Jeans; Tony Tonnaer, Kings of Indigo; Jenny Fredricsdotter, Re:Newcell; Jorgen Sevild, Inqova Technologies.


Calik Denim Ever Evolving Talks

Address: Theater Amsterdam, Danzigerkade 5
Time: 3:30PM - 8:10PM

Designed as a live platform for thoughts and ideas, this second edition of Ever Evolving Talks brings influential figures from many global disciplines together with key players in today’s fashion world on the stage. Main topics of this edition will be: Gen Z and the future of consumer, transparency and blockchain, woman empowerment, climate change and many others.


  • Opening by Calik Denim
  • Gen Z: The Future of Consumer - Matt Briton
  • Transparency & Blockchain - Jessi Baker
  • The Future is Female: Tamsin Blanchard, Bethany Williams, Priva Ahluwalia, Imogen Wright
  • How business can be a force for good with BCorp? - Nathan Gilbert, Bert van Son
  • Overcoming Climate Change - Leland Devon Melvion, Dio Kurazawa
  • Closing by Calik Denim

The Denim Window Amsterdam

Adress: Joris van den Berghweg 101
10AM - 11PM

The event hosts a full day program filled with collections, talks, workshops, shopping and good time all centered around denim.

Participants: Berto, The Lycra Company, Garmon, Myr, Marina Tonella (100% Authentic You), Simona Testucci (Peppino Peppino), Stefano Angelico (Braves & Company), Giulia Perin (Emina).


Wednesday, October 23-Thursday, October 24


Adress: Gashouder Building, Klönneplein 1
Time: October 23: 10AM - 6PM, October 24: 10AM - 5PM

The specialized denim trade show will host 100 exhibitors including weavers, accessory manufacturers, finishers, garment manufacturers and other service providers connected to the denim industry. Seminars, conferences and events will enliven its program.


Kingpins Seminars

October 23

  • 1:30PM: Royo's One Million Liters initiative and Make Fashion Circular's Jeans Redesign project, an initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • 3:30PM: Good Jeans: Sustainable Development Goals and the Denim Industry.
  • Participants: Kerry Bannigan, (Conscious Fashion Campaign); Lucie Brigham (United Nations Office for Partnerships); Jayesh Mandalia, Design Manager (F&F); Roian Atwood (Wrangler)        

October 24

  • 1:30PM: The Present and Future of Indigo in The Denim Industry
  • Participants: Archroma, Bluconnection, DyStar


Kingpins Denim Trends for S/S 2021 presented by Amy Leverton and Sam Trotman of Denim Dudes

  • October 23 - 11:30AM
  • October 24 - 11AM


Friday, October 25-Saturday, October 26

Amsterdam Denim Days Festival

New location: De Hallen Studios
Open to public-Free entrance admittance
Dates: Friday, October 25: 10AM-8PM
           Saturday October 26: 10AM-6PM

Denim Venue held at De Hallen Studios #1 will host various brands and insiders initiatives including: Advance Denim, Bonne Suits Obroni Wa Wu, Bossa, Calik Denim, Concrete Matter, Denim Prive, DFNS, Diesel, Fera Tekstil, Kings Of Indigo, Lowco Loco, Mood Indigo, Nudie Jeans, Officina +39/De Rode Winkel, Orta, Soorty, Swiss Jeans Freak X Candiani, Tenue De Nimes’s Tenue own denim brand launch, Wrangler.


Denim Talks hosted at De Hallen Studios #2

Dates: Friday, October 25

  • 2PM - The Modern Definition of Denim #1 - Cotton & Beyond: Adriano Goldschmied (Godfather of denim/House of Gold), Alberto Candiani (Candiani Denim), Tony Tonnaer (Kings of Indigo)
  • 3PM - The Modern Definition of Denim #2 - Closing the Loop: Uwe Kippschnieder (Closed), Besim Ozek (Bossa), James Veenhoff (House of Denim)
  • 4PM - The Modern Definition of Denim #3 - Future Thinking: Andrew Olah (Kingpins Show), Roian Atwood (Wrangler), Alice Tonello (Tonello)
  • 5PM - Screening Swiss Jeans Freak X Candiani 60th Birthday

Saturday, October 26

  • 2PM - The Climate Jean: Ebru Debbag (Soorty)
  • 3PM - The true Pricing of a Pair of Jeans: Henk Hofstede (ABN AMRO), Luuc Overvoorde (True Price)
  • 4PM - One man’s trash is another man’s treasure: Linda Valkeman (designer), Sanne de Lorme (Sympany)
  • 5PM - Screening “Common Thread”, a movie by Scott Morrison (3 x 1)

The Denim Talks program happening on both days of the festival will host key personalities such as Adriano Goldschmied, Alberto Candiani (Candiani Denim), Uwe Kippschnieder (Closed), Roian Atwood (Wrangler), Andrew Olah (Kingpins Show) and Ebru Debbag (Soorty).

Must-see documentary movies will be broadcasted as the one celebrating The Swiss Jeans Freak X Candiani new collaboration and Common Thread made by Scott Morrison, founder, 3x1 from NY.

Closing of the week, on October 27th, Soorty will launch the first of its series of bimonthly seminars part of the Future Possibilities at Denim City Amsterdam collaborative platform, to be held at Denim City. This first edition theme is “Design and Innovation-How can innovation and design beautify the world?”. Participants of this session include Ebru Debbag (Soorty), Kerry Murphy (The Fabricant) and Mariette Hoitink (HTNK, House of Denim, Denim City & Jeans School).

Denim Market

Address: Hannie Dankbaarpassage
Time: Friday, October 25 10AM – 8PM
          Saturday, October 26 10AM – 6PM

877 Workshop, Amsterdenim, Angelo Verga, Benzak Denim Developers, Berto Industria Tessile, Blaumann Jeanshosen, Blue Handed, Blue States Denim, Captain Santorsand many others.

Be quick, limited to 8 participants per workshop.

City Center Program

Address: Downtown Amsterdam
Time: October 23-27
Free to visit


Sunday, October 27

Future Possibilities Seminars by Soorty

Address: Denim City, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 22
Time: 3PM - 6PM

This is the first one of a series of seminars that will be held every two months in Denim City. Each will cover a specific topic. This primary edition’s theme is Design and Innovation, and the question our guests will be answering is: “How can innovation and design beautify our world?"

Speakers: Gulay Ozkan (GEDS), Ferhan Instanbullu (influencer), Kerry Murphy (The Fabricant), Ebru Debbag (Soorty), Mariette Hoitink (House of Denim/Denim City/Jeans School)


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