The evolution of Agenda from small, new kid on the block trade show to mammoth streetwear b2b to open b2c consumer show has been a wild ride. We saw the rise and fall of Agenda Miami along with quite a few schedule changes. And now, it looks like Agenda Long Beach, both b2b and b2c shows, have been quietly put to rest. ReedPop operates the show along with the juggernaut ComplexCon show that remains in Long Beach and soon Chicago, seemingly in Agenda’s stead. They are very different shows, of course, but for a while there, the vibes felt a bit similar. ReedPop knows what it’s doing, however, as it also operates the famous Comic Con and Book Expo shows literally across the globe. Rather than guessing on next moves or even the current state of things, we had a quick chat with Rob Weinstein, VP of Marketing for ReedPop West, to find out the actual details.

Sportswear International:  What is the current schedule for both Agenda and then ComplexCon shows?

Rob Weinstein: The next Agenda event is Agenda Las Vegas scheduled for August 12-14th. The show will be back at the Sands Expo Center adjacent Liberty Fairs. 

We are launching ComplexCon Chicago on July 20-21 at the McCormick, in addition to ComplexCon Long Beach November 2-3 at the Long Beach Convention Center.  

SI:  Is Agenda now only b2b, leaving b2c complete to ComplexCon?

RW: For the near future, Agenda is only B2B. Our goal is to always serve the streetwear, skate, surf and fashion lifestyle communities in the best ways possible, whether that’s industry or consumer facing.

 SI: At this point, what is the relationship, if any, between the two shows?

RW: Both shows are operated by ReedPOP West. That’s always been the common relationship. Other than that, they have been and remain separate brands.

 SI: We heard about pop ups and such on the horizon. What is in the works right now?

RW: There is nothing to announce right now. As we roll our ComplexCon Chicago info we will make announcements on show content, partners, etc.  

SI:     What else should we know about future plans for either Agenda or Complex?

RW: Not to sound redundant but ComplexCon will be launching our first ever Chicago event on June 20-21st. This is in addition to our annual event in Long Beach on November 2-3, 2019. 

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