The second day of the "Share & Shake" ended with the fourth session focusing on denim branding with Stefano Aldighieri, founder and president of Another Design Studio who also have gained experience at international brands including Levi’s, 7 For All Mankind and Hudson.

Read here a roundup of the most memorable quotes on Aldighieri's views on denim branding:

Stefano Aldighieri
Photo: SI
Stefano Aldighieri

Defining branding

“Branding is about going back to the idea of engraving and impressing the consumer and the market with a clear and defined concept. In addition a brand needs a logo, a brand messaging and also needs to create a voice in the market that expresses the essence of a brand. When building or redefining the objectives of a brand the important starting point is to define what a brand is trying to communicate, what defines it and what differentiates it from other brands as a brand is a promise to your customers.”

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Integrated activities and consistency

“All activities related to a specific brand have to be integrated. Once one creates a brand it has to operate throughout its whole organization and everything it does. It has to involve all its activities, stationery, website, advertising, how it interacts with customers and with the people in the stores. It needs to create a message that reflects one’s own voice.

It is important not to dilute one’s message, be true to it and try to be consistent focusing on some specific aims and own identity.”


The specifics of a brand

“By looking at the top 500 brands in the world the top three is occupied by Apple, Amazon and Android – all tech brands. The highest ones related to fashion are Nike (29th), followed by Hermès (173th), Adidas (190th) and Under Armour (369th), a new entry that only a year ago was not part of the list.

Looking at the 200 bestselling jeanswear brands worldwide the first position is occupied by Levi Strauss, quintessential jeans brand. It has a universal appeal – as they are the inventors of jeans. Brands have a lifetime, but there are brands as Levi’s that are almost immortal and will always exist.

Next on the list is Wrangler whose logo is characterized by the two “W”s meaning “Western Wear” and started with a mission - to be a number one in western wear - and after 70 years they are still in the market. Diesel occupies the third position. They originated by a creative association of personalities, the Genious Group, headed by Adriano Goldschmied in years when jeans were not part of the Italian culture. What they did was done so well that they changed the perception of jeans in the whole market.”

What has changed in the last 20 years

“Two things that happened in the last 20 years: One was the birth and falling of the so called premium denim brands – that changed denim perception from commodity to luxury product, especially in the US - and the other – that influenced massively the entire market – is the advent of fast fashion chains. They changed the world as we knew. Major disruption happened in the in-between market area between the luxury market and the mass market. They did a phenomenal job as they developed new rhythms through which they can develop a concept and two months later deliver them to the stores, worked hard to become brands, worked with testimonials, started capsule collections with designers and are constantly bettering their products and results.“

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How to differentiate one’s product and brand

“Uniqlo can offer a selvedge jeans at €49: It looks great and apparently similar to a €200 Japanese denim selvedge jeans. Fast fashion chains cannot be beaten for their size and power in setting conditions with suppliers and within the market. Other jeans brands can simply find their way and differentiate themselves. We can offer the customer our different product and make them become loyal to us. There is space for everyone if one knows how to differentiate their brand. It is important giving the market a strong message in a consistent way. The details are not details – they make the product, as nice details and elements can give the consumer a different perception. Only this way consumers will keep in mind your brand and will choose it for its very special and unique aspects.”

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