Intertextile Pavilion Shenzen, taking place from 6-8 of July at the Shenzen Convention & Exhibition Center, halls 6,7 & 9, will once again host around 700 exhibitors.

The fair’s portfolio, consisting of international and Chinese brands, offers womenswear and menswear fabrics as well as accessories.

Returning product zones amongst others are the Korea Pavilion, the Taiwan Pavilion and the Fine Japan zone.

The Korea Pavilion hosts over 30 companies and showcases products such as synthetic fibers, functional woven fabrics, cotton / rayon / nylon / poly-mixed woven fabrics, jacquard, embroidery and spandex.

In the Taiwan Pavilion, visitors can find over 19 companies exhibiting products from raw materials to fabrics, amongst them returning names like Chung Rung Textile, Lipeng, M.J.T- Ming Jenn and Royal Maye Chie as well as new members, such as FengXu Textile, Sina Textile and Q&S Co Ltd.

The newest of the fair’s product zones which made its fair debut last year, the Fine Japan zone, includes 10 exhibitors, namely Uni Textile, Sunwell and Stylem which mostly present quality cotton and man-made fabrics.