The upcoming edition of Super, the women’s show organized by Pitti Immagine, will take place for the second time at The Mall, in the more central and newborn Porta Nuova area, Milan, from 25 to 27 February 2017.


“We chose two main and clear directions,” commented Pitti Immagine’s Agostino Poletto. “We decided to concentrate on brands that can be appreciated by most demanding international buyers. We also chose to be among those international shows that rather than caring for numbers prefer to concentrate on less though higher-quality and more interesting brands,” he continues explaining that the show will feature 143 collections, presenting 50% from foreign countries, equally subdivided in apparel and accessories.


The show will occupy a concentrated space of 4,200 sq. meters characterized by a completely new layout. Antonio Cristaudo, expert in scouting new brands and products for the show’s organization, commented: “Super is like a home as it presents our research and exclusive selection of brands, in part already participating in Pitti Uomo, and offers both men's and women’s collections, also mixed with other products belonging to new markets and product niches. Our aim is to offer always a different, intriguing and inspiring mix of diverse and new brands.”


Atelier & Repairs
Photo: Atelier & Repairs
Atelier & Repairs

Among novelties, the show will host a project installation focused on women’s fashion creations by Atelier & Repairs, devised by expert fashion insider Maurizio Donadi, who recently also launched his own on-line platform through which he presents reinvented and reinterpreted secondhand clothes.


Also new are a collaboration between design company Kartell and designer brand N°21 by Alessandro Dell’Acqua, and between Kartell and the luxury accessory brand Paula Cademartori.


Among new talents debuting there are international designers from countries like Thailand, China, Portugal, Russia and the UK. Among them, there are Jirawat Thamrongkittikul, focusing on innovative embroidered shirts, and Takar Wong’s unisex dark creations.


A special selection of Eastern European designers from countries including Georgia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Lithuania will also be presented as part of More Dash: Eye On The East. Among most innovative ones there are Anouki and Gibsh.


Also new is the project Jo!, a collective of Jordan designers presenting their debuting Creative Jordan collection.


Also new is the Super Digital initiative tied to the digital world. One is The Digit Bar, a special area of the show dedicated to seven new digital start-ups, which introduces new services, for companies, buyers and customers. Among them there are Brand Land, I live You, List Up, Pop Up Mob and Roialty. A second project in this same area is Another Vision, involving designer Alessandro Enriquez and photographer-artist Louise Philippe De Gagoue from the Ivory Coast, interpreting collections participating in the show, presented via social media.