The Japanese chemistry giant and functional fabrics specialist Toray has developed the world’s first fully plant-based polyester yarn made exclusively from renewable raw materials. Until now, only partly plant-based polyesters were on the market. The production of the so called Toray ecodear™ yarn has succeeded in lab scale and will be ready to be introduced in mass production in 2020.

The new polyester consists of starch and treacle, a by-product of sugar production. After the successful launch of the plant-based polyamide made from the castor-oil plant, the new polyester is recognized as the next step in the sustainable textile industry.

The new ecodear™ plant based polyester can be used for fabrics and membranes for garments as well as for bottles and packaging. The polymer is chemically identical to existing polyester from crude oil, and it can still be used for all functions and applications. ecodear™ polyester can also be recycled in different ways, forming a closed cycle of sustainability.

The Toray Group consists of six core businesses and has 229 subsidiaries in 15 countries. Globally, there are more than 38,000 employees working for the Toray Group. Toray’s core segments are fibers and textiles, plastics and chemicals and IT-based products.