Bordering Austria, Brannenburg is a small town with a few thousand inhabitants and surrounded by breathtaking views of the Alps. In this idyllic enclave, you’ll find the new headquarters and warehouse of denim brand Timezone, where 90 employees from the design, product, marketing and sales departments are based since early 2016. Last weekend, it was officially presented to the press and other brand partners.

Clearly inspired by a traditional mountain cabin, the façade is mostly covered by wood panels and large glass windows. Once inside the building, a clear industrial feel pervades the central hall and showroom with decorative cracked windows splitting up the room. Copper lamps hang up in the ceiling on panels printed with calming tree motifs. It took two and a half years to build up Timezone’s new premises, which encompass 15,000sqm (Head office and warehouse). Alongside the facilities, construction works go on, since the area belonging to brand founder Wolfgang Endler comprehends private housing and a daycare facility for children, among other infrastructures. Altogether, an investment of €120 million has been made.

This is not the only news in Brannenburg. In recent years –especially since Uwe Kauert came on board as managing director over two years ago to replace Mr.Endler and Alexander Haß started as head of sales for German-speaking countries last year–, Timezone has been working intensively on two fronts. The first one was to adapt to current market demands in order to grow the business beyond independent stores and get the product inside big multilabel chains. “The market has changed dramatically out there. Today, you talk about sales per unit area and KPI’s ( Key Performance Indicators). Meanwhile, Timezone continued with two collections a year, excellent support to retailers. Everything good, but the market has changed. It felt as if the brand wasn’t doing it at the same speed,” explains Haß. For this purpose, Timezone has been developing a shop-in-shop format with flexible surface concepts (in sqm) in order to better cater for any retailers’ needs.

The second front of the brand consists on raising the consumer awareness of the brand. The visit to the brand headquarters was part of it –Timezone also invited journalists of consumer magazines to introduce the fall/winter’16 collection. In this regard, the brand also remains loyal to its ‘real people’ motto, which aims to transmit values such as sense of freedom, easiness and spontaneity to potential customers. Internally, the brand management refers to this process as Timezone 2.0, a kind of rebirth.

Timezone fall/winter 2016-17 campaign
Timezone fall/winter 2016-17 campaign

Haß believes that the brand belongs in retail assortments together with other denim juggernauts, but he emphasizes the untapped potential in non-denim bottoms, a field in which the label is currently working to demonstrate its expertise. Timezone will continue manufacturing apparel tops, but recently took the strategic decision of dropping jackets out of the collection. “We want to stand for pants,” Haß says. The spring/summer’16 season sees the introduction of the flash program for womenswear. Ten products will be introduced in-between seasons, available in a shortened delivery time and representing a trend update to retailers’ existing assortment.

Timezone is currently available in ca. 620 POS in Germany and 1,500 throughout Europe. According to Haß, German-speaking countries account for nearly 70% of the brand business.