For the third edition of Isko I-Skool, Isko’s educational program aimed at supporting upcoming talents. In this context, they announced the shortlisted selection of students from 200 participating European schools.

Shortlisted students include Elettra Bertoli from NABA, Italy, Anna Biotti from IUAV, Italy, and Annie Ansell from UAL, UK, who will be working on “Renovated Denim Icons”.

Isko I-skool 2016 - working session
Isko I-skool 2016 - working session
Other students will focus on the employ of Jool, a new cotton-wool denim. The selected candidates chosen are Nadja Kiess from AMD, Germany, Ester Rigato from IUAV, Italy, Farah Waly from Polimoda, Italy, Elena Trukhina from ESMOD, Germany, Alessia Gozzano from NABA, Italy, and Lisamarie Marolt from ESMOD, Germany.

Devising modern interpretations of the Athleisure theme will be Joona Rautiainen from Aalto, Finland, Miranda Hochkoeppler from Polimoda, Italy, and Alina Peucher from ESMOD, Germany.

The kick-off event took place on 15 March 2016, at Isko’s Creative Room headquarters in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy. Students and their tutors were presented the entire denim supply chain (from cotton fiber to finishing) in a two-day seminar held accompanied by the three project partners - Avery Dennison RBIS, Archroma and Swarovski.

Students were offered the opportunity to learn how jeans are designed and constructed. The next step of this project will happen in April, when the shortlisted students will share their projects during one-to-one sessions with Creative Room that will help them transform their ideas into real garments. All items will be assembled following the sketches and technical details submitted by students that will later be presented during a glamorous grand finale happening in June.

“Isko I-Skool is unleashing its deep commitment to education once again,” commented Marco Lucietti, Global Marketing Director of Sank/Isko division. “Our mission is to leave students the freedom to let their creativity run wild and at the same time, provide them with the practical knowledge of how to produce their designs industrially, combining imagination and pragmatism.”