Wahu, a Milan-based Tech Startup focused on creating wearable devices, recently launched a fundraising campaign through the American platform Kickstarter. The campaign was immediately successful and reached the goal to collect €20,000. The operation was set with the aim to test the market receptivity for a very innovative product and to verify marketing metrics for launching in international markets.

By paying a fee of €179 those who subscribed to the crowdfunding can receive a pair of shoes in selected colors and sizes at the end of the campaign scheduled for October 6, 2022. The data of those who wear these shoes will be uploaded to a wireless platform that will be constantly updated through the Wahu app.

Designed and manufactured in Italy for people who walk and stand many hours throughout the day, Wahu offers three different levels of cushioning. These shoes are meant to learn how to increase support for the wearer's feet and the feeling of relief they need.

"After working for years on e-mobility and studying the walking habits of people who work and move around the city, we came up with the idea to develop footwear that is very comfortable for all-day walking, and highly customizable by the user," said Cristina Russi, co-founder of Wahu and innovation manager in the e-mobility sector counting on the experience of ten projects she has worked at before this. 


Thanks to the patented W-Lift technology that uses air flows and their pressure to create a layer of air between the feet and the ground, each shoe consists of a pneumatic system integrated into the sole, sensors and machine learning algorithms. Through the relevant app, users can interact with their shoes and learn more about their walking habits with each step.

This technology was born within the e-Novia Group. In Milan since 2015, E-Novia is a modern Industrial Deep Tech Factory, active in the market with eight products. Within its Factory Studio, E-Novia continuously and systematically generates new ventures through more than 100 patents. Today E-Novia is an Italian company expert in deep tech applied to autonomous driving of cars. The company also designed a car that in early 2022 won the Indy Autonomous Challenge and also set a speed record of 278 kilometers per hour.


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