For thisn spring the fashion e-commerce platform Zalando has announced the launch of the beta version of a new Fashion Assistant based on ChatGPT in its Zalando Fashion Store. 

The new tool will be available this spring in both the desktop version and the Zalando app, and will leverage the potential of generative artificial intelligence to make the fashion search and buying experience online easier.

With the new Fashion Assistant, customers will be able to search for products in their own words and thus navigate Zalando's product range more intuitively. 

The aim of the project is that customers receive additional advice on how to find the perfect item for them in the extensive range on Zalando. 

By asking the Fashion Assistant a specific question on suggesting outfits and trendy products for specific occasions like “What can I wear for a wedding taking place in Santorini next July?”, the technology will recognize what kind of event the consumer refers to and will refer to average weather conditions in that area in that specific time of the year. 

With this information, Fashion Assistant can provide an answer, including a product recommendation. In a next step, this recommendation could in the future be combined with customers' personal preferences, such as their favorite brands and products available in their size, to offer an even more personalised product selection.

In addition to product recommendations, Zalando's new assistant also offers the option to provide feedback on the suggested products in a chat conversation and thus further refine the recommendations. 

An initial beta version of the Fashion Assistant will be available in German and English this spring for a select group of customers in Germany, Ireland, The UK and Austria. With this offering, Zalando provides customers with a new, intuitive way to discover the entire assortment and get inspired.

"Our customers are at the center of everything we do at Zalando,” said Tian Su, VP personalization and recommendation, Zalando. 

“We have been constantly introducing new technologies over the past 15 years to further improve our customers' shopping experience. We look forward to testing new offerings with the technology behind ChatGPT to make it even easier for our customers to discover fashion they love,” added the manager.

"The new Assistant is just the beginning here: we want to get to know our customers needs and preferences even better and understand how ChatGPT can further improve their shopping experience on Zalando. While we will continuously test new solutions and learn how customers interact with the new Fashion Assistant, our goal always remains the same: to provide customers with the best possible experience on Zalando,” continued Su.

With the upcoming launch of the beta version of the new Fashion Assistant, Zalando is laying the foundation for further possible developments and functions in the future, such as fashion and beauty advice or the creation of entire outfits. 

The Fashion Assistant includes privacy protection as well as artificial intelligence in order to meet Zalando's claim to offer customers a trustworthy shopping experience. 

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