Millionaire with vegan wool: animal rights defense association PETA wants to award the "Vegan Wool" prize to the first individual or small business in the world that "successfully develops a sophisticated animal-free alternative to wool." The winner must also convince at least one top 10 global apparel retailer to sell and market the item by the end of next year. The prize money is US$1 million.


Individuals, groups or companies from around the world with maximum annual sales of US$30 million (€28.91 million) can apply. In the first phase, interested parties must send product samples to PETA's US headquarters in Norfolk by the end of the entry period on July 28, 2023.


There, the samples will be tested by the animal welfare organization's experts there. "After successful testing, participants must scale the substance in an appropriate amount and manage to have it sold in the form of at least one product from one of the ten most globally successful apparel retail brands in the U.S.," explained Julia Zhorzel, clothing and textiles specialist at PETA Germany.


"The first person, group or company to succeed in doing this while meeting all the entry requirements will receive the prize of one million dollars," she added.


Materials submitted should be bio-based or biodegradable and along with that can also be recyclable, have low-fiber pilling and shedding after knitting, and have the capacity to be produced in multiple weights. Like conventional wool, the material must also wick moisture, neutralize odors and help maintain body temperature, according to the entry requirements.


PETA has set up a special website for applications, which must be submitted in advance via a specific form. (

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