A made-to-measure shirt is considered as the utmost of handmade craftsmanship, but it can also reach top quality results in terms of efficiency, speed, accuracy and costs thanks to My Camicia, an Italian start-up whose name stands for "my shirt", that has developed a special digital configurator.


My Camicia is the first online destination for fully digitized custom-made shirts. Through this company's website, it is possible to select fabric, pattern, details and fit to get a made-to-measure shirt.


This idea was the brainchild of four entrepreneurs–Gaetano Diana, Fabrizio De Bosini, Valerio Paoletti and Paolo Minasi–who founded the platform www.mycamicia.it in 2021.


After selecting some labs and suppliers to start production, in 2022 they established My Style Srl, the specialized start-up that can produce a customized, made-to-measure shirt in 12–15 days.


Thanks to a 3D configurator, My Camicia is a digital native e-commerce that makes shirts at costs ranging from €49 to €79 in hundreds of thousands of available combinations of fabrics, patterns, details and fits.


My Camicia has already produced more than 10,000 shirts and already has 7,000 registered users in its database, 60% of whom return to the platform.


The service offers the possibility to choose a high-quality garment at any time and from any place thanks to a 3D configurator, through a sustainable just-in-time fulfillment model.


This system avoids waste by producing the shirt at the time of order and can monitor fabric consumption, including the reuse of production waste, as well as producing only the items requested.

My Camicia
Photo: My Camicia
My Camicia
No warehousing is needed because each garment is manufactured exclusively upon each single customer's request, with a return rate of less than 3%. There are no middlemen as the production method is based on a short supply chain and selected workshops that reinforce the trust between user and artisan, thus halving costs and time.


My Camicia has achieved further growth results already in the first quarter of 2023, with 1,039 new registered users, registering an increase of about 15% over its overall database total.


Among the company's upcoming plans for 2023 is the desire to also offer its services abroad and boost the B2C channel by making made-to-measure an even quicker, more effective, and easier service to implement, as well as affordable to anyone by breaking down even the last barrier of taking measurements.


My Camicia would actually like to open hubs and physical touchpoints placed in strategic locations, as well as create a first e-shop equipped with a digital measuring booth in Rome. Through a 360° scanner and advanced technology for creating virtual avatars, it will be possible to trace the customer's measurements quickly efficiently and accurately, to make other shirts even later.


In store, it will also be possible to touch the fabrics and see with one's own eyes every detail of the garment, as well as enjoy an innovative shopping experience that increasingly combines physical and digital aspects.


"Tailoring is a world often perceived as ancient and complex, requiring organization, time and money," said Gaetano Diana, CEO and co-founder, My Camicia, pointing out how the future of made-to-measure could be like soon, for artisans and insiders, too.

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