Fashion and automotive continue to reciprocally inspire and reinvent each other.


Both worlds are highly aspirational, strongly focused on research in terms of new materials, technology and uses, along with being strongly defined by design and aesthetics as intrinsic values within them. 


Both industries are strongly based on the importance of craftsmanship and luxury, and, especially in recent times, are focused on pursuing lowering their impact on the surrounding environment.


A series of interesting collaborations have been developed in recent times involving these two worlds. Among them, most significant are recent collaborations signed between renown brands like, for instance, Tod's and LamborghiniNorth Sails with Maserati and the new Ferrari fashion collection by Rocco Iannone. Other ones, not less important, happen behind the scene and involve new material developments like Polive, a recent bio-based plastic material originarily born for the car industry is now also used to produce buttons and labels, among various other components and accessories.



Pushing the right pedal
Automobili Lamborghini and Tod's, for instance, have announced a recent partnership for the production of luxury leather goods, shoes, apparel and accessories.

Form left: Diego della Valle and Stephan Winkelmann
Photo: Automobili Lamborghini
Form left: Diego della Valle and Stephan Winkelmann
The two Italian brands' exclusive collaboration celebrates Italian craftsmanship and tradition as well as technological research and innovation: qualities that define the pairing of these two leading companies.

"Tod's was founded at the beginning of last century by a passionate and visionary artisan. About 50 years after, Ferruccio Lamborghini made his dream come true and founded a company moved by the same passion and vision, with a relentless commitment to research and innovation," said Stephan Winkelmann, chairman and CEO, Automobili Lamborghini.


"We are proud of this collaboration that sports an undisputed Italian touch. Lamborghini represents the highest expression of design and technical integrity in the automotive industry," commented Diego della Valle, President and CEO, Tod's Group. "The attention to detail, the constant research and innovation are key values for both brands, and truly represent Italian style," he added.



From the sea with love
Two giants of land and sea have created a new collaboration that combines the past and an ethical approach to innovation for the future.


For s/s 2023 North Sails has developed a capsule collection in collaboration with the iconic luxury car brand Maserati offering a selection of products made from technical fabrics and environmentally friendly materials, and focused on the shared values of exclusivity, responsibility and performance.

Maserati x North Sails
Photo: North Sails
Maserati x North Sails
The two companies have always used highly advanced engineering to develop products that guarantee high performance inside and outside the water, just like the garments that are part of the collection.


This capsule also offers pieces made with future-oriented materials, including 100% organic cotton, ultralight recycled fabrics and Thermore Ecodown, a highly thermal insulation padding material made from used plastic bottles.


The entire collection­–from multifunctional, ultralight outwear, to a smart version of the classic polo shirt, along with beachwear and accessories­–is designed to be worn during the hottest months of the year.

Breathability, wind-protection and durability are essential features of this capsule available in distinctive colors like navy blue, white, black, red, grey, electric blue and a distinctive Maserati yellow.


"North Sails Apparel has partnered with Maserati to create exclusive and responsible collections that show our commitment to innovation and performance," said Marisa Selfa, CEO, North Sails Apparel.

Maserati x North Sails
Photo: North Sails
Maserati x North Sails
Davide Grasso, CEO, Maserati, commented: "Maserati is innovative by nature and has its sights set on the future. The partnership with North Sails underlines the close relationship between Maserati, dynamic performance and technological innovation."

A technically innovative collection that features products that are also environmentally friendly, thus reinforcing the brand's motto "Embrace the spirit of the ocean."

Why Ferrari is more than luxury cars
After different trials, also Ferrari is offering its own fashion collection that starting from s/s 20023 is designed by creative director Rocco Iannone.

This collection aims to express how the dream  luxury car created by entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari who transformed the Prancing Horse into an icon of style and innovation and is now transferred into a modern and timeless collection seen through the lense of photographer Paolo Roversi shooting top models Mariacarla Boscono and Rapha Kaijzer.

The looks portrayed by Roversi on an iconic Ferrari red background present a collection whose key elements are the sartorial and artisan value of each shape, fabric and detail. Workwear is reinterpreted and elevated using the leather’s exquisite duality, and meticulous executed embroideries complete the looks.

Ferrari s/s 2023 campaign
Photo: Paolo Roversi
Ferrari s/s 2023 campaign
The cotton drill suits are a nod to work uniforms with a sartorial approach, with a precise vision of folds darts, ergonomic cuts and light drapes.

The Ferrari Suit overall is reinvented in buttery soft Nappa leather for every season, and broken down to give life to an ultimate dress, a symbol of fluidity and dialogue between genders. 

The glittering Los Angeles nights reflect on the surface of made-to-order garments which evoke Hollywood glamour in a collection that pays homage to the unbreakable link between Ferrari and the lifestyle of film stars. 


From industrial design to ecofriendly fashion
Gianluca Calderoni, long-time expert designer from the industrial design sector and co-founder of the start-up Polive, is well aware that many different industries are constantly influencing each other, especially in new material developments.


"Industrial design is involved in many different sectors, and all of them influence each other reciprocally. There are often processes for producing materials aimed at automotive sector that are then taken to produce new ones, for instance, by using similar processing techniques but using natural materials," he explained referring to Polive, a material born to be used for car interiors' components but also apt to be used within the fashion industry.

Polive buttons
Photo: Polive
Polive buttons
Polive offers a new company that produces a special 100% bio-based material obtained from renewable biomasses not in competition with the food chain and 100% biodegradable. It can be used for different uses, including a button for jeans, traditional buttons and labels.


Among brands that have already adopted this specific jeans button, there is Triarchy, a Californian jeans brand that has launched its sustainable jeans.


"Starting from an initial polymer we can add other ingredients of natural origins, like powder of grinded indigo or tomato powder, we can obtain a different material, though always with a low environmental impact," explained Calderoni.




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