Fashion can talk about itself using different and ever-changing languages.

Among the most recent and interesting examples through which this ephemeral, yet extremely concrete and constantly evolving industry can be sensed, two events appear as particularly interesting.

“L’arte della moda” (The Art of Fashion)
Coming soon, from March 18 to July 2, 2023, the exhibition "The Art of Fashion - The Age of Dreams and Revolutions. 1789-1968" curated by Cristina Acidini, Enrico Colle, Fabiana Giacomotti and Fernando Mazzocca, they will hold “The Art of Fashion - The Age of Dreams and Revolutions. 1789-1968”, an exhibition that will take in, Italy, Forlì, at Museo Civico San Domenico.

Protagonists of the exhibition will be Tintoretto, Francesco Hayez, Giovanni Boldini, Henri Matisse, Giacomo Balla, Piet Mondrian, Umberto Boccioni, Giorgio de Chirico, Damien Hirst along with Mariano Fortuny, Paul Poiret, Salvatore Ferragamo, Coco Chanel, Valentino Garavani and Pierpaolo Piccioli, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior in addition to John Galliano, Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, Cristobal Balenciaga and Yohij Yamamoto, just to name a few of the 100 artists, and 50 designers and couturiers featured in the initiative.

Beginning in the 18th century, the works will traverse the French Revolution, Romanticism, the Macchia, Impressionism, Symbolism and all the 20th-century avant-garde up to the present, identifying how in the relationship between art and fashion, art mirrors and fashion demonstrates its ultimate belonging to the arts.

"Femme et anénomes" by Henri Matisse
Photo: Henri Matisse
"Femme et anénomes" by Henri Matisse
Fashion is painted, portrayed, sculpted and made by great artists. The dress models, conceals, disguise and promises the body. The dress is shown as a sign of power, wealth, recognition, protest, and as a distinctive cipher of a social status or identifying a generation. Fashion like art becomes narrative and expresses the feeling of the time.

“La Bellezza Utile” (The Useful Beauty)
The immersive exhibition "La Bellezza Utile," held at the Meet Digital Center in Porta Venezia in Milan and dedicated to the 40 years of work by photographer Heinz Schattner, took place to celebrate the Made in Italy textile, fashion and accessory industry, a driving force for the economy and a unique example of excellence in the world that employs some 600,000 people and generates revenues of more than €100 billion.

"Like Schattner's photos, Made in Italy fashion products are not neutral, but tell the story of manufacturing perfection using images that are sharp, uncluttered, almost stark in their intensity. They are objects that are absolute beauty but also contextualized utility," explained Ercole Botto Poala, president of Confindustria Moda.

"The sections of made-in-Italy productions build a complete storytelling with the context photos that accompany and surround them with landscapes, portraits and surfaces, in an overview of Italian products and culture, a sort of Mediterranean full immersion that leaves its mark,” added Botto Poala.

"'Useful Beauty' amalgamates the sincerity of black and white with the disruptive power of color," said photographer Heinz Schattner.

A photo from the exhibition "La Bellezza Utile"
Photo: Heinz Schattner
A photo from the exhibition "La Bellezza Utile"
The exhibition was made possible by contributions from international trade fairs under the Confindustria Moda associations-Milano Unica and Mido that just took place, Micam Milano, Mipel and TheOneMilano to be held Feb. 19-22, Lineapelle (Feb. 21-23) and Homi Fashion & Jewels (Feb. 17-20).

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