The second annual Metaverse Fashion Week (#MVFW23) has announced its program and participants.

The 2023 edition of the event will take place from 28 to 31 March 2023 and will involve the Decentraland community designers. Among them there will be Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Adidas, DKNY, Monnier Paris, Dundas, Phygicode Dress in collaboration with Rubin Singer, and others showcasing the future of digital fashion.

Metaverse Fashion Week 2023
Photo: Decentraland
Metaverse Fashion Week 2023
This year’s MVFW is determined in demonstrating the potential of interoperability between open metaverses, and push the boundaries of digital fashion. 

Pioneered by Decentraland and UNXD, a leading immersive art & culture platform, in collaboration with the Spatial and Over metaverses, MVFW23 is inviting fashionistas worldwide to gather, commune, and witness the newest advancements in digital fashion. 

“This year we are incredibly honored to continue the legacy of Metaverse Fashion Week. We are seeing the return of many luxury fashion houses, and also the emergence and elevation of digitally native fashion. We are excited to see the world’s greatest fashion minds engaging in digital fashion and exploring what it can mean for their brands, and for their communities,”  said Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, head of Metaverse Fashion Week at the Decentraland Foundation.

This year’s MVFW will focus on the curatorial theme “Future Heritage” and will be dedicated to connecting emerging digital designers with established traditional fashion institutions. The global event aims to throw a light on the connection between innovation and tradition and expose how contemporary fashion’s future lies in the digital realm.

Discovering the power of multiple metaverses
This year, MVFW will take place across multiple metaverses, but the heart of digital fashion will beat inside Decentraland's Luxury District, developed by Metaverse Group, where global fashion brands will be displayed their virtual storefronts.

Metaverse Fashion Week 2023
Photo: Decentraland
Metaverse Fashion Week 2023
Among participants of this year’s program, there will be Dolce & Gabbana’s metaverse space, featuring an exhibition of the winning designs from its Future Reward competition. Led by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the digital design competition will spotlight emerging talent and support them with the creation of a new co-branded digital Wearables collection.

Tommy Hilfiger’s MVFW experience will include daily product drops, AI-generated fashion, special collaborations and a community competition—with the winner hand-picked by Tommy Hilfiger himself.

Miami Fashion Week (MIAFW) will be the first globally recognized Fashion Week to participate in a digital fashion week. MIAFW’s L'Atelier in Decentraland will host events, panels, and runway shows.

Dundas will be teaming up with DressX for Wearables creation and Ume for avatar design, showcasing the latest looks from Paris Fashion Week and offering a new range of Wearables.

The cosmetic brand Amorepacific will introduce “New Beauty Land”, inspired by its Seoul headquarters. 

The US jeweler Ben Bridge will open its first store in the metaverse, featuring a quest with exclusive Wearables that come with in-store benefits.

Metaverse Fashion Week 2023
Photo: Decentraland
Metaverse Fashion Week 2023
DKNY has created a dedicated venue, DKNY.3, that will host an art gallery, a pizzeria, and a rooftop lounge. DKNY will also bring its SoHo landmark wall into the metaverse with a special Web3 creation from a MVFW neodesigner.

More initiatives
Fashion brands, technology pioneers and community designed activations will take place in various locations throughout the week.

Among them, they will hold “Dear Vivienne” - The Digital Design Community Pays Tribute to the Punk Queen of Fashion. In honor of the late fashion icon Vivienne Westwood, the art collective Vuelta has created an immersive installation inspired by the recently departed legendary punk fashion queen’s designs.

The Adidas community will join MVFW to bring an exclusive, community focused experience that will bring ITM holders and Decentraland users together. Centered around culture and fashion, the brand will showcase their pioneering collection of “Adidas virtual gear”, the first ever collection of digital-only apparel from the three stripes.

Coach will team up with several Web3 artists to create a special experience for anyone who visits this year’s MVFW. 

Alo will bring yoga and meditation sessions to the metaverse. 

Gaian, a wearable startup behind the world's first energy generating sneaker, will unveil its digital store which will feature Wearables of the sneaker. 

Diesel and HAPE will take over the D-Cave space, throwing an interactive virtual party that features multiple wearable NFT airdrops.

The digital asset platform Kraken will return with a fashion-themed infinite NFT gallery, giving visitors the opportunity to see and experience a curated collection of projects that are leading the way in the design and style of digital identities and avatars.

Vegas City has partnered with Perry Ellis for an exclusive set of Wearables that will be exhibited in a virtual showroom. 

The British shoe brand Clarks will showcase the “Clarks Arcade”, part a funfair, part a rooftop nightclub, offering nostalgic activities including Clarks themed video games, dance battles and vintage fairground rides.  

Threedium will host Pinko, PwC and Clarks within their mall. 

Over, the Augmented Reality metaverse platform has partnered with Decentraland to run a cross-metaverse Wearable design competition. In a first for interoperable avatar fashion, the winners will be showcased on a hybrid AR/IRL catwalk at a four-day event in Milan, from Feb 28 to March 31.

Dragon City will host composer Alastair White and his latest fashion opera in the Metaverse Opera House.

The Museum District will present the virtual counterpart of the world-renowned Opera house, Colon Theater, in partnership with the Buenos Aires Government.

Meta Tokyo will welcome digital fashion designers who are influenced by the culture of Japan, including Wearables and other activations by Edolena, Kay, Nyankee and Supermind Studios. 

Neo Designers on the digital stage
MVFW23 aims to celebrate the Decentraland Community’s creations and has partnered with some renowned digital fashion houses in the world to do just that.

Among them, Dressx, a leading company in digital fashion and web3, will join MVFW23 as a curator, bringing 3D fashion brands Blade Runway and Injury to the Dress flagship store in Decentraland. Dress will also be distributing two unique Wearables for MVFW23.

Phygicode will launch “Phygicode Dress”, a collaboration with Decentraland community creators, re-imagining an iconic dress by Rubin Singer, a renowned fashion designer and Phygicode member.

The Fabricant will bring two community creators to MVFW: RuRingoM and Siki. It will also launch the brand's first custom Emote to celebrate the Wholeland collection in collaboration with Supermind Studios.

Fashion Future Awards is an annual project initiated by Fashion Zoo to focus on the pioneer forces in China's fashion and creative industries.

Altr, a digital fashion platform, will highlight ten different cultures through the brand’s “Digital Meets Culture” initiative.

The Institute of Digital Fashion, a curator of the Neo designers, will debut Wearable “IoDF Emblem of Change”.

House of Web3 from Metagolden is a physical and digital fashion house whose collections come from its community of creators.

Meta Fashion House will be featuring 3 DMetaDress, a physical 3D printed couture gown made up of 300 hand-drawn 3D printed names of women in web3 and Stem. 

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