At the eve of Premiere Vision, the first edition taking place in from 5 to 7 July 2022, Gilles Lasbordes, general manager of the show, comments about the upcoming event and the overall market situation.

What do you expect for the upcoming edition of Premiere Vision taking place for the first time in July, two months before its usual September dates?
We are happy as it will host 1,198 exhibitors for this edition, almost 300 more than in our previous edition. It’s already positive feedback.

We had already received most of the samples for the show’s trend areas in advance. This means that the companies could already organize themselves and produced their samples in time - it’s another positive signs.

We notice that our exhibitors are not only ready with their high-quality and highly creative products, but also prepared to offer the right quantity. Such anticipation has been a challenge for them.

What about the attendance? Can you already forecast how many visitors will arrive in Paris?
It’s hard to determine such quantities already, but we are sure we will see European visitors, but also buyers from Japan (even if not many as the majority of them are not allowed to travel yet), but we expect a significant return of visitors from Korea.

Premiere Vision, February 2022
Photo: Premiere Vision
Premiere Vision, February 2022
Is the war between Ukraine and Russia impacting strongly on the business?
Obviously, it continues and brings with it a state of uncertainty, but more problems continue to define a complex situation for the overall apparel and textile industry because of difficulties with the transportation of ready goods, the cost of energy and raw materials. And insiders are obliged to find solutions on prices, calendars, while looking for good alternative materials including sustainable materials. 

While there is a strong pressure in finding consistent amounts of organic cotton, recycled materials can represent another sustainable alternative to conventional raw materials. 

Reshoring production in nearer areas than far Asian countries is also another alternative solution many brands and companies are starting to reconsider how to face the present situation. This is happening more frequently, for instance, to brands of the premium and luxury markets who are redefining their supply chain and starting to operate in countries like, for instance, Portugal and Italy.

Business insiders have to find negotiations, discuss and find solutions that can help them face this fast evolving situation in person and doing this during a physical show as Premiere Vision represents an appropriate solution for them.

The show has announced a much higher number of talks and seminars. Is this tied to the needs of the market?
It’s time for making new decisions and follow the evolution for everyone’s supply chain. For this, organizing such initiatives has the aim to offer additional tools to support the industry.

Trend area at Premiere Vision, February 2022
Photo: Maria Cristina Pavarini
Trend area at Premiere Vision, February 2022
Are there any other services the show is offering for this edition?
For this edition, we have also issued “The Fashion & Sustainability” white paper, a two-part document designed to shed light on the major sustainability issues facing the industry. We will also soon disclose the results of anew survey on consumers and their approach to sustainability. We did these new projects as responsibility is no longer only an option.

Furthermore, we are also offering more services during the show. At the entrance of hall 6 we have prepared two special desks meant to give further help to our visitors. 

In addition to an information desk, we also host another desk was developed with emerging brands in mind, as it offers support and advice to help them better understand the show’s offer and optimise their visit, according to their sourcing needs. 

The show’s fashion team also offers a free guided tour of the Eco-Innovation and Essentials Forums. This opportunity wants to help newcomers and lead them with a guided tour through the show’s trend areas to decode the main evolutions of the season. It is limited to 15 people per visit and must be booked in advance. Tours are available in French, English, German and Italian.

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