From January 16 to 21, 2023, Berlin Fashion Week will present a multi-faceted event that will host runway shows, creative installations, trend-setting panels and conferences, and many other side events along with Premium Group trade fair formats.

A past edition of Berlin Fashion Week
Photo: Nowadays
A past edition of Berlin Fashion Week
In addition to the core themes of sustainability, inclusion and innovation, the focus of the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week will concentrate on promoting new design talents and emerging brands designed in Germany.


New formats and concepts
The Berlin Contemporary format will offer emerging talents a platform to present themselves, their creativity, their craftsmanship as well as their innovative strength.

Among the 18 fashion labels showing their collections at Berlin Contemporary, there will be promising talents such as Dennis Chuene and Sia Arnika, already worn by Kylie Jenner. Also on stage will be SF1OG, along with established brands like, for instance, Odeeh, Rianna + Nina, Malaika Raiss, Namilia as well as Esther Perbandt.

Additionally, a selection of designers from Ukraine like, for instance, Bobkova, Litkovska, Dzhus and Jean Gritsfeldt, will participate in the calendar of events.

Vorn Fashion looks forward
In addition to a series of fashion shows, some additional event formats will be part of the program. The Vorn Fashion Show will be taking place both as an exhibition and as a fashion show hosting sustainable brands developed by Vorn - The Berlin Fashion Hub and will involve around 100 between designers and brands presenting their best pieces in 45 looks according to the most interesting trends of the season.

A view of Berlin
Photo: Maria Cristina Pavarini
A view of Berlin
More events in sight
As part of the Melagance Order Festival, a showroom will be part of the Berlin Fashion Week for the first time. 

Studio 183 will dedicate one day to the topic of circular fashion in the digital age and invites various experts from the fields of circular fashion, sustainability and technology.

At the W.E4 Fashion Day the designers Rebekka Ruetz, Danny Reinke, Marcel Ostertag and Kilian Kerner have joined forces and will participate in a joint presentation format in the cold storage house. 

The established conference 202030 Summit and the showpiece Der Berliner Salon will also round off the comprehensive and diverse program of Berlin Fashion Week.

Discovering a new location
An important hub of the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week will be Stilwerk Kant Garagen in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The event space is impressing for its over five-meter-high ceiling high and for its combination between industrial design and historical charm. In addition to the Berlin Salon, also the Newest showcase format will take place there. 

As a sustainable format, Newest offers young fashion designers a multifunctional space for fashion shows as part of a Fashion Week Hub.

Welcoming top retailers
Another exciting initiative that the Fashion Week will host is the extended program for buyers all retailers will be able to register for. Among invited guests there will be KaDeWe, Voo Store, Andreas Murkudis, The Corner, Overkill, Supreme, Firmament, The Store, Merz B Schwanen and the 032c Workshop.

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