By Linda Haberberger

Stronger than steel and more elastic than nylon, spider silk is considered one of the toughest materials on earth. Japanese biomaterial specialist Spiber Inc. has worked for over a decade on producing a new type of artificial protein material with unprecedented versatility which can be used in endless applications.

Spiber joined forces with outdoor apparel giant The North Face to develop the innovative Moon Parka. It is the world’s first successful use of QMONOS, a spider fibroin-based protein material derived from the Japanese word for spider web.

The North Face x Spiber
The North Face x Spiber

The Moon Parka name and design emphasizes its ability to endure harsh outdoor conditions. A prototype of the jacket is currently touring The North Face stores all across Japan. The official retail introduction is expected to be in 2016, with pricing yet to be announced.

We eagerly anticipate the commercial rollout of this pioneering outerwear. Watch our site for news about the latest developments.