The denim market is evolving and recognising the potential to also operate via digital. As the fashion market has started embracing new media and forms of expression like augmented reality, metaverse, avatars and digital tools, a few denim insiders are starting to take this direction, too.

The players that started taking this direction have understood how such media can help them in presenting and developing their products, conveying strategic messages, while saving costs and resources, but - not less important - preserving the environment, along with other benefits.

Stepping in the NFT world

During the past digital editions of Kingpins24, Orta had lead digital visitors of the show through a Metaverse trip to Cappadocia and through their collections.

Overall made with 100% regenerative cotton denim Orta
Photo: Maria Cristina Pavarini
Overall made with 100% regenerative cotton denim Orta
Within the last physical edition of Kingpins Amsterdam, Orta launched its own NFT representing a retro-future overall made of 100% regenerative cotton rising from a “technorganic” garden towards the sky above it.

Called The Blueskyer NFT, the art piece represents a blue sky vision of conscious consumption and regenerative system for the future and signifies a cultural, design and innovation movement towards a more optimistic, regenerative and world everyone has to feel responsible for.

The Orta Blueskyer NFT was launched on Rarible NFT marketplace and secured by Temple Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet for the Tezos blockchain that minted it. 

Learning about 3D denim
Within the same show, Neela has presented its digital denim fabrics and 3D capabilities. "We believe that digital will change how people see and feel denim forever, and new 3D technologies are already here for the industry to benefit," commented the company.

Neela, powered by Indikon's technology, can offer 3D-ready digital samples of its fabrics, so that buyers can use their texture files directly with their 3D CAD software and start designing.

Neela digital denim sample
Photo: Neela
Neela digital denim sample
Besides the digital samples of fabrics and jeans items, Neela is also presenting a new guide for fashion designers with an overview of the entire digital denim workflow design, no matter how experienced they are in using 3D CAD softwares.

The guide covers key topics such as sustainability, digital denim fabrics and garment designs, and their potential impact on the sampling process, among others. It also provides insight into how 3D design and augmented reality can help generate less waste, drastically increase speed in the design and production processes, and lower costs.

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