Holding Industriale (Hind), a company investing in small and medium-sized Italian companies, has set its sustainable development goals for the period 2022-2025, starting with its subsidiary Holding Moda, a hub active in all segments of the Italian fashion supply chain.

The sustainability strategy plan is the result of an ESG cultural and value-based path of Holding Industriale. This project will be implemented through the creation of a permanent internal department dedicated to sustainability - called HPlanet - in order to lend support to subsidiaries in managing sustainability in the company. 

Led by Veronica Bovo, as the Group's chief sustainability officer, HPlanet has voluntarily produced the first sustainability report for fiscal year 2021, laying the groundwork for the development of a transparent, certified and traceable supply chain that meets the increasingly high production standards of the luxury world. 

Holding Moda also decided to subject its financial statements to third-party certification precisely with a view to adopting high standards of reporting and complete transparency from the very beginning of its operations.

In its 2022-25 plan, the company has identified five pillars of sustainability to be integrated into its business model in order to make its contribution to the achievement of the UN Agenda 2030 goals. 

These goals include the centrality of people, the creation of shared culture and value for the local area, and a cross-cutting drive toward responsibility and innovation, to be implemented through governance initiatives, risk management, benchmarking, stakeholder engagement and CSR activities. 

Starting with these guiding principles, it has identified goals to be achieved: an increasing commitment to the use of energy from renewable sources, the implementation of a climate strategy that moves toward reducing emissions in each of its companies and throughout the supply chain, respect for gender equality, and responsible and sustainable consumption and mobility. 


Operationally, the plan is developed in 14 projects declined into 57 separate actions, measurable at all levels of operations, from design to production, through procurement and quality control. 

Claudio Rovere, founder and president, Hind, commented: "Holding Moda has always believed in its role as a production hub of Made in Italy luxury in which companies, strategically complementary to each other, manage to collaborate to create value and relationships that grow over time, in a sustainable way."

"The aim of this plan is also to focus on our resources, making people feel more empowered, led to contribute individually more and more to the corporate development, especially from a cultural point of view," he added.

This approach will have a transversal declination for all the companies of the Moda Holding, which today has ten invested companies with a total of about 700 employees and a pro forma consolidated turnover of €176 million.

Part of the holding company are Uno Maglia, specialized in jersey workings, Alex&Co. producing leather garments, RBS offering outerwear, Albachiara focused on women's light clothing, and Project, a specialist in denim apparel manufacturing in addition to other highly specialized companies.


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