CHT, global chemical specialist, has developed “Bezaktiv One-The New Wow of Dyeing”, a new dyeing process that can help significantly reduce energy consumption as well as water requirement, while shortening the process duration. 

The solution is one of the newest reactive dye ranges from the company and covers a broad color spectrum, enabling a cost-efficient dye process that also uses significantly less dye and salt. 

The treatment offers a wash-off behavior that allows short rinse cycles at lower temperatures and therefore offers further ecological and economic advantages. The dyes are particularly suitable for durable textiles due to their good multiple wash fastness. 

Cellulosic fibers are often dyed with reactive dyes, as these are commercially available in a wide range of colors that result in dyeing with high wash fastness. However, reactive dyeing require a lot of water due to the necessary rinsing processes. 

Due to increased ecological requirements, the development of energy and water saving processes is not just a trend, but has rather become a core prerequisite for new dyes. Beazaktiv One can achieve such results as it requires a minimal number of rinsing baths and generally lower temperatures between 40 °C and 60° C for dye exhaust, rinsing and soaping contribute to an overall efficient water and energy saving dyeing processes.

Among other results that can be achieved by using Bezaktiv One it can reach good multiple wash fastnesses according to ISO 105-C09; it uses no p-chloroaniline free, below the detection limit of 5 ppm; it has high fixation speed and very good washout and rinsing properties.

Along with it, the solution can help offer a very good color build-up, an excellent solubility which is suitable for all dyeing processes and can be combined well with each other.


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