From June 8 to June 14, 2023, the Lab102 team, specialised denim dedicated division of the chemical specialist CHT Group, will participate in the ITMA 2023 show in Milan, one of the most important textile technology trade fairs globally.


For the occasion, the chemical specialist will present some innovative machine technologies supported by innovative chemistry, whose use can lead to extreme savings in water, energy and chemicals if processes are optimized and adapted to the new requirements.


In particular, LAB102 Technology Supporter will offer its global denim customers state-of-the-art, efficient and sustainable solutions along with new possibilities to achieve conventional effects with more sustainable components.


In terms of nebulization technology, Lab102 products are tailor made, biodegradable, and free from heavy metals, chlorine and AOX to achieve the most ecological and economic results. For instance, OrganIQ Bleach is a bleaching system for blue and black denim that works perfectly as a substitute for potassium permanganate and chlorine in modern nebulization systems to obtain authentic used effects.

Bezaktiv Soaping Advisor, CHT Group
Photo: CHT Group
Bezaktiv Soaping Advisor, CHT Group
With its OrganIQ Seek System Lab102 offers a purely organic bleaching system for denim, which complements the OrganIQ Bleach system. The systems can be used together or alone, always offering an almost unlimited variety of effects.

Lab102 also offers OrganIQ Biopower. This is a special cellulase mix to obtain a stone wash look, but completely without the use of stones and with a simultaneous reduction of lint formation. This is a sustainable process, especially if the process is continued with one of the two OrganIQ bleaching systems.


For laser technology, the chemical specialist offers auxiliaries that create excellent laser results by making the laser pattern clearer, more detailed and avoiding any additional local spray bleach.


Its Denimcol Energy is a cleaning product to be used after laser application. It removes laser ash and improves the white share of the lasered area. Denimcol Tec-LL, instead, is applied to the garment before the laser application to improve the laser effect. The contrasts as well as the bright white of the lasering are enhanced, and details of the laser pattern are emphasized.

With “intelligent” pretreatment, Lab102 can help achieve the best outcome of ozone bleaching, even on dry garments.

Its Denimcol Tec-CR, instead, leads to strong and even bleaching effects with dry ozone treatments.

With its auxiliaries, Lab102 achieves authentic and uniform effects by using low liquor technologies. Low liquor technology is comparable to conventional processes but uses significantly less water.

The use of the company’s foam technology can help to save water, especially for those who don't use nebulization techniques. The foam helps to bring the chemicals and dyestuff to the garments and work only where they are needed.


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