Global leader denim manufacture Cone Denim is incorporating regenerative cotton in its premium denim styles.

The new project is being carried ahead together with Regenagri, an international regenerative agriculture initiative that helps organizations reach new levels of sustainability.  

Cone Denim considers regenerative agriculture as a more sustainable approach to farming and a way to minimize apparel’s global footprint. By working with nature, these practices help improve soil health by restoring the soil’s organic carbon. Regenerative practices include no-till agriculture, use of cover crops, diverse crop rotations, in addition to reduced use of fertilizer or pesticides.

Regenerative agriculture cotton
Photo: Cone Denim
Regenerative agriculture cotton
Cone is in full support of the Regenagri initiatives that support organizations transitioning to holistic farming, including prioritization of increasing soil health and biodiversity, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and sequestering CO2. Regenagri’s certification is backed by the Control Union, which helps develop services around the sustainability of supply chains that feed into many markets, including textiles. 

As regenerative farming is a journey, not a destination, continuous improvement is required. For these reasons, Cone is assisting brands and farmers who are currently along this continuum. 

“We are increasingly dedicated to providing fabrics created with integrity, offering assurance and transparency to our customers, and participating in the newest ways to ensure sustainable cotton,” says Cone Denim President Steve Maggard. 

“Cotton is the foundation of denim. Cone is committed to leading the industry in offering the highest standards in sustainable and ethically grown cotton from our new certification with Regenagri and longstanding participation with BCI and Cotton Leads to our partnership with Oritain. Not only are we dedicated to achieving Cone’s sustainability goals, but we’re also passionate about working with brands to help our customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals. The industry must collaborate on integrating these regenerative agriculture practices into supply chains to continuously push towards a more sustainable future,” he added.

Together with its parent company Elevate Textiles, Cone Denim has pledged to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals and committed to source 80% verifiably sustainable cotton by 2025. The company offers a variety of responsibly sourced cotton including recycled cotton, organic cotton, and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, and continuously invests in supporting new initiatives. 

Cone Denim will continue to incorporate regenerative farming into its cotton supply chain and build upon its sustainability commitments, while searching for new and improved strategies.

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