Small gestures can do much, like, for instance, switching lights off. Such a decision can help to cut costs, increasing efficiency and avoid waste, especially in days of energy emergency.


Some luxury players have actually started embracing this decision, like, for instance, LVMH Group and Maison Valentino.


Following the call of the President of the French Republic and the French government, the French luxury group LVMH has announced an energy efficiency plan as part of a concrete and immediate contribution to the national effort to face the recent – and, very probably, also future – energy emergency.


To address the current tensions on the electricity market, which are likely to increase this winter during consumption peaks, the LVMH Group has decided to reduce its electricity consumption as of October, first in France and then worldwide throughout the group.


Two key measures will enable a 10% reduction in energy consumption between October 2022 and October 2023: turning off the lighting of the Group’s Maison stores between 10 pm and 7 am and of the administrative sites at 9 pm; and the modification of indoor temperatures in all industrial sites, administrative sites and stores of -1 °C in winter compared to the usual temperature setting and +1 °C in summer compared to the usual air conditioning trigger temperatures.


In addition, LVMH will mobilize its 34,000 employees in France around new energy consumption behaviors focused, for instance, on launching a major awareness campaign around the New Energy Gestures like to turn off lighting, screens and computers, and unplug chargers, electric cars, and similar devices, choose alternatives to the elevator and to the printer, and manage consumption peaks.

LVMH wants to save the forests through a new initiative
Photo: Paul Hilton
LVMH wants to save the forests through a new initiative
People will also be encouraged to use the EcoWatt app, which allows them to manage their energy consumption at home according to peak demand.


Investments to complete the Group’s energy transition will be increased and will cover both energy management and renewable energy across the world.


A reflection on new lighting methods and the use of colors’ thermal qualities has also been engaged.


LVMH’s energy consumption in France is 354,000 MWh, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of a city of 150,000 inhabitants. The Group had already announced in 2021 its desire to achieve 100% supply of renewable or low-carbon energy for all its sites for workshops, stores and offices by 2026. Today, the Group uses 100% green electricity in France and 39% renewable energy globally.


Also Valentino, the luxury brand of Italian origins that has already taken some steps towards a green transition, has started a new global initiative - Maison Valentino's Lights Off Campaign.


From October 6, 2022, the lights in Valentino boutiques have been turned off every day starting at 10pm globally, a decision in line with the maison’s conscious-driven mindset. This gesture involves around 95 boutiques, predicting a daily decrease in energy consumption of over 800 kWh, equal to the hourly consumption of over 13,000 traditional light bulbs.


Logos will be involved in the initiative, alongside the lighting of the shop windows, that of the sales areas and the lightboxes-backlit structures. The boutique warehouse lights will also remain off, while the emergency lights remain on in a quest to safeguard all its staff.


In Italy, about 80% of the energy Maison Valentino uses for its headquarters, boutiques and manufacturing sites comes from renewable sources. A 360° approach that permeates within the Maison’s green transition and in its conscious driven mindset, an essential pillar of the brand’s daily actions rooted in different business areas.

The plan of reducing consumption is a clear sign of an unwavering focus on the environment, both locally with an eye on territorial areas and globally. Valentino, thus, also speaks to its Community, inviting every single person to adopt a mindful approach also in matters of s of energy saving - to continue building, together, step by step, a better future for us and for all.

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