Renzo Rosso, chairman and founder, OTB Group, recently addressed students of Guido Carli University's Economics and Business Management courses, within a collaboration OTB Foundation started with the Campus Luiss of the university, along with four other Italian atheneums.

During the meeting at the Luiss Campus in Rome, the entrepreneur brought his professional and life testimony, urging the students to believe in their abilities and emphasizing. "To rejoice, one must also suffer, it is essential to dedicate oneself with commitment to the paths of study and learning, but remember that from failure can come opportunities that turn into something great," he said. 

Rosso then stressed the value of mistakes: "It is necessary to know how to make mistakes in order to adopt different perspectives. It is needed to make antibodies and build the foundation of experience. Don't be afraid to fall, because mistakes help you understand how to succeed in getting back up and getting better. Make your mistakes, be happy and be hungry." 

Recounting the birth of Diesel and the OTB Group, Rosso shared his vision with the students. ”Today there are three themes that companies must consider: technology, sustainability and social engagement. A brand without these elements will not be loved and appreciated by the new generations. These elements must become part of a new way of running companies,” the entrepreneur said.

Moreover, for the entrepreneur, the consumer must always be at the center of every choice. "When we prepare a new collection, we don’t only look at the results of the previous season’s  one, but also at the point of view and experience of those who are in direct contact with the customer. This indicates us what direction the consumer’s preferences are going," said Rosso. 

Sustainability was then discussed, with an in-depth look at the work of OTB Foundation. He said: "I believe in circular economy. A company like mine that produces, sells and achieves a result must also give back to the community, and have a social impact. This is what OTB Foundation is based on, born from the teaching and values my father passed on to me."

"All our projects are carried out without administrative costs, every Euro we donate contributes to helping people. Today, the foundation works on so many activities, particularly on women's empowerment and initiatives against gender-based violence,” added Rosso.

For example, OTB Foundation started a project to support women's leadership, funding 55 scholarships dedicated to deserving female students, for a total amount of €550,000, a project strongly supported by its vice president Arianna Alessi.

Five Italian universities are involved in the initiative, including Luiss Guido Carli. The goal of the project is to start a long-term project meant to help train a new generation of women who, in the future, will be able to lead Italy and its companies.

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