Family First is an Italian streetwear-chic brand with an international flair that has also participated in Milan Menswear Shows in January 2023.

The brand's name and identity originate from the idea that creative projects can come from different but complementary worlds. In fact, its two co-founders, two thirty-year-old Milanese, Giorgio Mallone, creative director of the brand who has always been passionate about art, fashion and creativity, and Alessandro Zanchi, CEO and current sport manager with a strong entrepreneurial personality, believe in the importance of the bond with family and friends of a lifetime.

The collection is based upon quality and Made in Italy pieces, though offered at affordable prices like, for instance, from €64 to €114 for a T-shirt, up to €334 for a blazer and €200 for a pair of sneakers.

The brand offers men and unisex pieces, but starting from 2020 it also offers women and children's apparel. Moreover, it has also started launching a series of collaborations with different brands including, for instance, Iceberg, Pokémon and Rise Together Foundation.


Giorgio Mallone, creative director, Family First, spoke about the brand with The SPIN OFF.

Girorgio Mallone
Photo: Family First
Girorgio Mallone
Why did you call this brand Family First?
Dressing is not just a simple act of vanity or necessity, but a way to open up to the world, to tune in to others, to connect with people we feel most like. In this sense, the brand was born with a name that is a destiny: "fare famiglia" (literally from the Italian "making family") means feeling comfortable in a community, a group, a team that can transcend parental ties to embrace those of friendship, mutual affection, and mutual tenderness. From these thoughts comes a clear aesthetic, simple but not simplistic, which is expressed in tailored but comfortable lines and in silhouettes suited to different physicalities.


What are the characteristics of the collection?
The brand was born to offer menswear, but actually the collection is completely genderless and ageless - to offer new meanings to a concept of contemporary, sharp, urban elegance, deeply Milanese but rooted in an imaginary without barriers of any kind - be them geographical, social, cultural or physical.


What are the highlights of the f/w 2023/2024 season?
The collection has a casual, urban and classy attitude. We have used materials such as cashmere, alone or in blends. There is also high-quality denim, while pinstriped blazers are made with precious wools. Other materials include fine, durable archival cottons used for limited-edition shirts and 100 and 1000-line cotton cords.


A special attention is devoted to knitwear, which has always been the brand's happy obsession: it is printed, in jacquard patterns, inlaid, it reminds of old-fashioned workmanship or it is strongly focused on technological finishing.

The hoodie in kid mohair can be worn under a single- or double-breasted blazer in natural and snappy. And, despite we like to mix various garments, we don't like overdressing.

Family First
Photo: Family First
Family First
How was Family First born?
It was born in 2015 from my meeting with Alessandro Zanchi, president of the brand. Our desire, since the very beginning, was to create a brand that did not just represent a collection, or a product, but that had a strong identity and conveyed values that people could identify with.


Our motto is "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together." And it is precisely in that concept of togetherness that empowers people that we want our customers to believe, so that they truly feel part of this project.


How does it manage to combine streetwear, sportswear and menswear?
For us, the research of fabrics, processing and manufacturers is very important... I would say maniacal.


The raw material is processed in Italian districts recognized as excellence in the sector, and we collaborate only with Italian producers who are the custodians of the know-how typical of our tradition.


How many pieces does it offer?
The Family First main collection consists of about 100 garments.


What is the most important part of the collection?
Family First collections offer total looks, with which we try to go deep into all merchandise categories. Special attention is paid to knitwear, which has always been the focus of the brand, both creatively and in terms of sales.


Through which channels do you sell?
Family First collections are distributed both through our e-commerce channel and through 150 luxury multibrands worldwide including the most prestigious insignia in Italy like Rinascente, Eraldo, Base Blu, Tessabit, Pozzi and Wise Boutique, while abroad, we are present at Neiman Marcus in The US, El Corte Inglés in Spain and Mientus in Berlin.


What kind of consumers do you target?
Our current target audience are 20- to 35-year-old men, who love fashion, are trend-conscious, but also close to the world of music (mainly rap and electronic music) and sports. They are men who feel comfortable in a community, a group, a team of people with whom they share characteristics, passions and interests.


Will you open stores that can best express his identity?
At the moment, we have no plans to open physical flagship stores.


The brand has already made some collaborations with well-known brands. Upon on what criteria do you choose your collaborations?
The collaborations we have developed have all been with brands that have been able to interpret Family First's spirit, espousing our values and identity. This is our main search key.

Family First
Photo: Family First
Family First
Will you continue doing that? Are collaborations still important in the fashion industry?
I believe that collaborations enrich and bring added value to all parties involved. We have had the opportunity and honor to collaborate with important brands, and this has definitely brought great visibility and recognition for Family First.

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