Valentino Menswear, the iconic fashion brand’s menswear collection, aims to redefine its origins while looking at a new future evolution.


For s/s 2024 the Maison will break from its co-ed setup of the last three years, and will unveil a dedicated menswear show-Valentino The Narratives-that will take place on June 16th 2023, at 2.00pm, at Università Statale, in Milan city center, as part of Milan Fashion Week calendar.


While continuing its support of local communities and new generations, nurturing artistic talents and creating cultural learning opportunities with institutions and universities, the brand’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli will debut the brand on the opening day of Milano Fashion Week, in a time when the University is alive and swarms with students.


The event aims to disclose a full immersion into the Maison’s world of excellence and savoir-faire, attention to detail and spirit of innovation to inspire and stimulate the next generation.


The menswear collection of the brand will disclose a mix of underground energy, of-the-moment and cultural movements, but not without looking to the past, as it was in Milan, in January 1985, that Valentino Garavani, founder and designer of the brand, staged his very first menswear show.


Now, with that initial spark in mind, Pierpaolo Piccioli will redefine what was started here, the male wardrobe, in a contemporary direction.


It’s not just the past that ties Valentino to Milan, though. In recent years, when the whole world was closed for the pandemic, Milan hosted both Valentino Collezione Milano and Valentino Act Collection.

Despite for this season the Maison has parted with its co-ed show model, offering menswear a specific visibility moment, its menswear collection will continue to converse with womenswear. For the June 2023 occasion, Piccioli will redefine masculine codes and the growing importance of the category from the Maison’s business branch, led by CEO Jacopo Venturini.



For the Unboxing Valentino collection, the House launched Maison Valentino Essentials, a selection of menswear staples that reconsider traditional rules and limitations, pushing menswear into something even more open and free.


With the power of the Maison behind him, Piccioli will iterate on these staples, furthering the bounds of formal wear.

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