Pertex, a performance fabric brand, and Cycora, an innovative material made from regenerated end-of-life textiles, will collaborate to develop high-performance, woven fabrics from landfill-destined textile waste. This collaboration has the aim to face the growing problem of textile waste, which sees over 70% of clothing either landfilled or incinerated at end-of-life.


Cycora is the first solution developed by Ambercycle, Inc., a materials' science company from Los Angeles focused on finding solutions that can help avoid the production of waste in the fashion industry.


The Ambercycle ecosystem enables the consolidation, regeneration, and reintegration of end-of-life textiles back into supply chains, reducing the extraction of finite resources from the planet. 


Pertex counts on 40 years of experience and specific know-how in producing lightweight woven fabrics for technical performance apparel used by some of the most renowned outdoor and sportswear brands.


Using its expertise, Pertex will work in partnership with Cycora to produce high-performance woven fabrics. These fabrics will be intentionally designed to be compatible with Ambercycle end-of-life solutions to have minimal impact when being regenerated back into Cycora to start the cycle again. 


“We are constantly striving for new ways in which to reduce our environmental impact,” said Steve Laycock, brand director, Pertex. “This partnership with Ambercycle offers new opportunities to achieve these goals. For example, our Pertex Revolve fabrics are mono-material, made entirely from recycled polyester. Currently, this polyester is from PET bottles, but the partnership with Ambercycle carves a pathway for a new truly circular fabric made through textile-to-textile regeneration,” he added.


“In the journey to develop a truly circular fashion industry, we wanted to utilize Cycora materials in advanced, technical products; while setting a precedent for intentional design,” said Shay Sethi, CEO, Ambercycle. “The partnership with Pertex allows for circular materials to thrive in the toughest of environments, including climbing, hiking, backpacking, and so much more. Pertex and Cycora are naturally aligned to accelerate the pursuit of material harmony,” he continued. 


Pertex and Cycora will work closely together to meet the demands of outdoor and sportswear brands to move towards more sustainable practices.



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