Italian luxury car brand Ferrari has launched its first fashion collection dedicated to women, men and children during a recent fashion show held in its headquarters in Maranello, near Modena.

The project was born within Ferrari thanks to an idea by chief brand diversification officer Nicola Boari under the creative direction of Rocco Iannone, who previously worked for brands including Dolce & Gabbana and Armani, with the aim to create a brand experience that goes beyond that of Formula 1 and Gran Turismo cars.

The collection focuses around 52 gender-fluid looks characterized by the bold colors, colorblocks and patterns inspired by the iconic brand’s heritage, while remaining projected in the future. Silhouettes and styles are strongly inspired by human anatomy already reflected in Ferrari cars’ ergonomic design, as is the deep love for craftsmanship and obsessive attention to details.

The initiative is part of a brand extension project through which Ferrari aims to express values intrinsic to it such as exclusivity and luxury, quality and technology in an extended concept of lifestyle.

“Cars, like fashion, are a representation of speed. Far from being wasteful or senseless, speed is the pursuit of excellence, the drive for improvement and evolution, always looking resolutely ahead,” a note from the Maranello house points out.