Desigual wants to strengthen its commitment to sustainability, therefore it has joined the Roadmap to Zero project of ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), a collaboration of organizations in the textile, apparel, leather and footwear industries focused on more sustainable management of chemicals. With this membership, the company wants to ensure the use of chemical best practices throughout the value chain, moving closer to the goal of zero discharges.

Clara Delmuns, product director at Desigual, explained: "We firmly believe that the challenges of the textile industry can be addressed through collaboration with reliable and involved partners. Our Love the World strategy sums up our goal to be a better brand every day, and our commitment to sustainability throughout the supply chain is a very important part of how we want to do that. Joining this initiative is one more step in our journey toward an increasingly sustainable product."

The ZDHC Foundation launched the Roadmap to Zero program in 2011 and was the first existing legislation to define treatment requirements for wastewater containing potentially hazardous chemicals. In recent years it has been revised to describe specific activities that brands, manufacturers and chemical suppliers must follow to phase out hazardous substances from their supply chain. The strategy is to go beyond conventional parameters and accelerate the industry's progress toward safer production.

Photo: Desigual
With this membership, Desigual reinforces one of its main lines of action covered in the Sustainability Plan and RSC 2020-2023, that of sustainable product through promoting a more transparent and environmentally friendly supply chain and increasing the number of sustainable items collection after collection. 

"For Desigual, every garment is a challenge to which we want to add value, and that means paying attention to the conditions under which it is designed, produced and distributed with the aim of minimizing the impact on the environment. We continuously improve processes and invest in innovation throughout the product life cycle, and we collaborate with organizations such as ZDHC to promote transparency and sustainability in each of our supply chains," added Delmuns.

Desigual participates in other international platforms and initiatives such as The Fashion Pact, the global coalition that aims to promote environmental sustainability in the textile and fashion sectors; it has also joined Better Cotton Initiative, the global platform that promotes sustainable cotton growing standards and practices, and Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), one of the textile industry's leading alliances for sustainable production.

Along with them it has partnered with Textile Exchange, the industry organization that helps brands and retailers introduce and use sustainable fibers in their product, and Sedex, which enables companies and suppliers to work together to better manage social and environmental engagement and protect people's rights.

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