For the upcoming edition of Denim By PV, Tejidos Royo in collaboration with Invista® will celebrate their new special fabric line Megalast™ (powered by LYCRA® dualFX® technology) within the musical event "Ladydust Plays 4 Megalast™" that will be held on 22 May 2013 inside the show's pavilion, at Halle Freyssinet, Paris.

Ladydust is an international DJ and recognised model, who has also worked as an actress. For the session she will wear different Megalast outfits while playing her unique selection of music.

The new Megalast™ fabric has been devised in order to make users feel more comfortable and free when wearing stretchy jeans. The new line of fabrics is characterised by higher elasticity, freedom from baggy effects, excellent recovery after wearing, high wash resistance, stretch ability up to 50% more than normal fabrics (according to finish), sense of comfort and ease of movement.

Tejidos Royo is a 110-year-old Spanish textile company located in Valencia, a territory of the Eastern Spanish coast.