The latest innovation of US sporting goods manufacturer Nike solves one of the oldest problems in the shoe industry and takes a further step towards the digitalization and individualization of its product range.

With Nike Fit it will be possible to find the exact shoe size for everyone online via the Nike App and in stores. With the smartphone's camera, Nike Fit scans the feet and collects 13 data points that represent the anatomy of both feet within a few seconds. This high-precision scan of the foot dimension can then be stored in a NikePlus member’s profile and used for future purchases.

Industry surveys reveal that 60% of people walk in the wrong shoe. In North America alone, half a million people complain that they buy the wrong shoe size every year. The traditional method of sizing only provides about half the right shoe size, because the traditional Brannock device only measures length and width. This is not enough to determine the exact fit. The Nike Fit solution measures the complete shape of both feet and knows the exact fit for each Nike shoe model as sizing in the brand’s various offerings is also not standardized. A size 8 in an Air Force 1, for example, may be slightly different than a size 8 Cortez.